Memories of Summer 2019

I realise it may seem a little late to be sharing summer highlights for my readers in the UK, but for those in Cyprus I'm sure you can understand.

Apart from the fact that the sun still shines here and the days are warm (I say warm I mean around 25 to 27 degrees so jeans and duvet weather now)  the summer 'season' runs till the end of October so it's about now that we all take a breath and change gear for the winter. 

 This year was very different for us as a family, extra work  as I started a part time seasonal job in addition to our other commitments, and for the first time, the boys went to summer school. 

I was a bit apprehensive about it and hoped they would enjoy it, although I didn't want to force them to go if they really didn't get on there for some reason.  Our school holidays are very long, almost 13 weeks, so the chance for summer school is good for everyone. 

Luckily they really enjoyed it,  so from when school finished in mid-June, they got a short break before starting the 5 week summer school at the end of the month. 

Like regular school, it finished at 1pm each day so we still had plenty of time to visit the pool, or for them just to chill out on the Xbox or whatever. 

We are lucky enough to have a communal pool so we used it most days  (not the one pictured) even if just for a quick dip to cool down. 

We had a great day out to Limassol which included a trip to the Cyprus Motor Museum and Limassol Zoo.

We celebrated Loukas 7th birthday in our usual way with a pool party.

We had a 'holiday day' at Salamis Bay hotel, which was the boys first experience of 'all-inclusive' and what it would be like to be on holiday.  It was a great family day but I couldn't imagine doing it for 2 whole weeks now, and neither could the boys!

They were amazed at the food, and the fact that we let them just get whatever they wanted, I was amazed at Leo's 'Mega Sandwich' he created at breakfast time.  (I can't remember how many fillings it actually had, and of course he didn't manage it all - he might have done if he'd not realised he also wanted a waffle with chocolate sauce so abandoned the bread and carried on)

It turns out they will eventually stop eating if given enough free reign, I'd told Leo he could have a second ice cream and he chose not to!

Louka was just delighted with his pancakes.

We also had our annual Waterworld day out with our friends,  and this year as an extra treat also a trip to Fasouri, the waterpark in Limassol. 

We played board games, went to the beach, explored ruins, met up with friends, went out for dinner,  made cakes and cookies, watched tv, and played hours and hours of xbox, along with probably far too much YouTube time but we tried to get a balance with being on and off the tech - it's really not easy to do whilst keeping everyone happy at the same time! 

No wonder they keep growing so fast!

We had visitors so there were also kid free lunches and cocktails...

All in all, it was an amazing summer, our best yet and I (mostly) enjoyed every moment.  Winter season is now upon us and I'm looking forward to a change of pace and a different way of life for a few months before we do it all again next year.

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  1. Sounds idyllic. The pool in your building makes such a difference. We sometimes spent whole days indoors because it was just too hot to go out. I'm really looking forward to the winter. I hope we ger snow this year.

  2. Do you often get snow? We do every year in the mountains but no chance at sea level.


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