10 years in Cyprus!

Checking though an old laptop recently I came across a folder of old photos and decided to pick one for a flashback post. 

This one jumped out at me from 10 years ago and is perfect for the anniversary of our move to Cyprus.

2009 was a big year for us!

I started the year 4 months pregnant after a very strange quiet sober Christmas and New Year.   We had sold our house in 2008 and were living with my parents while we waited for our apartment to be completed in Cyprus.   So the first few months of the year were a bit weird,   I took early maternity leave to avoid someone having to take voluntary redundancy, as I wasn't planning on going back after anyway, and spent a couple of months twiddling my thumbs,  meeting friends during their lunch breaks,  wandering round shops and watching tons of tv - sounds amazing looking back!

It all changed of course with the arrival of Leo,  his due date was May 16th and naively I was convinced he would show up right on time.  Unfortunately he was yet to learn that we don't 'do' late and needed a bit of a nudge  2 weeks later. 

Our apartment was ready at the start of June, and Aaron flew over at the end of the month to get the keys and check all was well, leaving me quite literally holding the baby.  It was the strangest thing knowing he was over in our future home and I'd not seen it.    Now he would be video calling to show me round but back then I had to wait for him to get home to show me the walkthrough video!

There were a few more months of a kind of limbo while we worked out when we were going to leave.  First it was going to be the following year,  then we talked about going in December, then we thought about going first for a holiday and going a couple of years later, then we went to the pub and over a couple of pints of Magners* decided to just get on with it and move about 7 weeks later.

*I didn't really like cider but we were in the beer garden, the sun was shining and it went down really well!   

It was all go after that as we arranged our shipping,  had endless discussions about what to take and what to leave behind.  The most memorable debates being whether to take the mattress and the car.  (we took both, the mattress was a good idea, car not so much)

We booked our one way flights for November 24th, we also booked return flights for the start of November and flew out for 5 days leaving Leo with his Grandparents.   It was one of the best things for me, as it meant I could see the apartment for the first time, it gave us a chance to get a bit organised without worrying about Leo  and it meant that when we came over at the end of the month I felt like I was 'going home' rather than to some random apartment I'd never seen.

We also realised it was potentially the last time we'd have a babysitter for the foreseeable future!

On Sunday 22nd November Leo was baptised at St Luke's Church and friends and family joined us there and for a leaving do afterwards.    That was a very surreal and emotional day, I can't really remember much about it apart from looking at the photos from it.

The photo below reminds me of that strange day,  happy to have so many people in one room but not really feeling relaxed at all. I remember wandering around the hall holding Leo and wondering how many people in the room I'd never see again.

I remember clock watching, wondering how much longer we had, and kind of wanting it to just be done and also not end.  I wasn't sure who I should talk to, was I missing anyone out, who was going to leave first and I was determined that I MUST NOT CRY!

Me with my best 'not crying face'

The party came to and end and Aaron and I went to the pub with a couple of stragglers while his Mum took Leo home.   I remember feeling suddenly full of cold and sitting in a really chilly corner of the pub wanting to go home and sleep!

We had just one day in between the party and our flight,  it was spent having lunch in town and a last minute Primark shop (where I brought the biggest fluffiest dressing gown that was one of the best things I brought before coming here surprisingly!)   Followed by an evening of repacking suitcases.

I've written several posts about our move (Part one, two and three so far,  part 4 is still in draft form!)
but they never do it justice,  nothing I write can ever really describe how it was.

Even now, 10 years on sometimes I still can't believe that we get to be here. I could never have imagined 20 years ago what my life would be like today. It's not all been plain sailing of course but I wouldn't change a thing- it's all brought us here to us today

  (and I know that last sentence doesn't scan right, it's just our saying!) 


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... you are one of the most successful expats I know. The fact that you truly love your new life, no regrets, and no thoughts of ever going back. I also have a good life in my new country but I'm always missing England and half thinking about returning even for just a couple of years. I wish I had your certainty. Happy Expativersary and here's to the next 10! xxx


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