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It's been a while but here I am again, as we approach the next birthday and my thoughts return to the traditional birthday blog posts.  I'm not sure why I  always feel the need to explain my lack of blogging, or who I think might care but here come the explanations (excuses!)

I started work this season, part time,  it's officially 2 days a week but summer is busy and that tends to spill over to 3 or 4 quite often (in addition of course to our  website and photo booth).  I work with a great team of ladies during the summer season here, covering the east coast of Cyprus cleaning and steaming wedding dresses.  I'm enjoying it and it's been a great year so far but it does make a big difference to the amount of time I have and while it's been relatively easy to adjust, it's still a change that we've all had to get used to.

I'd say the main reason for my lack of posts is the age of the boys now,  and the fact that I feel like I should or I want to share less online.  I have gradually slowed down over the years with sharing our antics on the blog but this year I find myself wanting to put less on facebook too.

I still share photos, generally in a album where I upload a group at once rather than day by day 'happening now' kind of posts.  Sometimes I don't really care about doing that but I know there are a handful of people who genuinely enjoy seeing them,  there are a lot more who probably don't care but like to have a nose.   10 years or more of doing something is a hard habit to break though and I love the fact that my memories come up each day on facebook so I just keep my settings how I like and carry on!

The blog though is more 'out there',   I realise that is the whole point of course!
Once I used to happily chat away here without a care in the world,  maybe keeping in mind my Mum reads it, and the boys would one day so I didn't rant much and tried not to be sweary.   But nowadays  I feel less like I'm writing a diary and more like I'm standing in the street shouting random things for people to judge!

Also, I just can't be bothered as much!

Every now and again,   like this evening, I sit on the balcony with a vodka and a laptop  (that's a 'thing' as I use the desktop now indoors, but I can't blog there, it's not right!)  and I knock up a blog post like this and wonder why I don't do it anymore.

I miss the good ol' blogging days and the linkups and blog memes, and the friends I had online.   (still friends with them on facebook but none of us blog like we used to).   The link ups are still there (probably) , but it's a whole new blogging world these days,   full of babies and toddlers, and even the big bloggers seem to have moved away from the actual blogs,  Unmumsy Mum and Hurrah for Gin for example, it's all insta stories and youtube and stuff!

I know it won't be the case for all bloggers now, but many would have started with the aim of making money, or getting freebies, sharing their carefully staged photos and managing their instagram feeds to keep them 'on brand'.   We didn't do that 10 years ago, for a start IG wasn't a thing,  we didn't take photos with our phones and no-one vlogged or snapchatted.  We didn't expect that people would read it,  we certainly didn't expect brands to notice us and get paid for posts and reviews.

(Apologies, I'm being old now - bla bla bla...back in my day we had no shoes and walked 10 miles to school!)

I had a little slice of the action back then,  although it was harder for me being in Cyprus - no Butlins Ambassador or trips to theme parks for me,  but we had some fab products to review and made a little bit of pocket money on the odd sponsored post.

I was 'blog friends' with 'The Boy and Me' and 'Mummy Mishaps' and 'Real Housewife of Suffolk County' whose boys are the same age as Leo. We  commented on each others blogs more often that I spoke to people. I knew more about there lives and kids than actual real life friends of mine.

I used to have a huge blog roll, maybe 30 or more blogs that I checked daily via feedly, but there are only a couple who still blog like they used too,  Midlife Single Mum and Mummy from the Heart, I also follow Karin (from Cafe Bebe, back in the day) and her Imperfectly Happy journey.

As the years went by, we discovered ratings and blog awards and for a little many of us probably cared a little too much about them.  There was blog drama - which I always kept out of but watched along like some trashy tv that you can't help but get addicted to.  We all joined the Tots 100, which  rated UK parent bloggers. I'd love to know how many were registered back then, I've just checked their website and it's over 10,000 now.   It was no where near that many back then as they launched in 2009.   I never made it to the 100, but I did make it to 500 ish and was pretty impressed with that - especially as I wasn't even in the UK!

Many times I have thought about closing the blog, even deleting it but I just always want the option to continue when the urge takes me.   I make no promises and you may well get a flurry of posts then nothing for a year but my blog my rules!

beach path

PS.  I've just logged into my Tots100 account after years of not even giving it a thought and I am ranked 1903 in the chart.   After months of blog silence I'm pretty impressed with that if they have 10,000 blogs!


  1. Don't delete your blog whatever you do. Even if you blog less now, it's a fantastic record of your first 10 years in Cyprus and the boys' early years. I also need to rethink my blog now that DD is growing up. Should we even be in a club called TOTS? I made the top 100 once for just one month and that was it. It was probably the highlight of my blogging career. LOL. My plan back in January was to go through and edit my blog down to what's really important to keep, and add some more photos. Then I think you can have it made into a book or something. I've not done it yet despite the holidays. But I certainly need to to delete a few less than admirable posts. So there are my blog musings. I hope you continue even sporadically as I like to see how old blog friends are doing for time to time. Thanks for the mention. xxx

    1. Ι won't delete it, it has crossed my mind (well taking it offline rather than deleting) but I like to be able to come back to it. My Mum has been making a book of it for years actually so I have a record anyway!

      I'm a bit all or nothing really as since writing this post I have another 4 completed in draft, so I'm not going anywhere.


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