Bowling with his brother - #FlashbackFriday

A flashback post today, back to early 2015

Leo was 5 and Louka was 2. 

It was quite early in the morning and we were having breakfast outside.   That was quite a rare event, and one of the only times in all the years we've been here that we did that, I assume it just seemed like an unnecessary additional effort especially in the high chair days. 

There had already been a pre-breakfast playdough session, 

I really don't miss days starting that early with things like that!

It may be more than 4 years ago but I remember the morning well,  the breakfast went well.  Leo buttered his own bread (sort of)  and no-one cried or moaned or had any drama - this is why I remember it, it was a rare event!

I sat and watched the boys play thinking how lovely it all was, the sun was shining the boys were happy and had been playing nicely together so far all day (remember it was breakfast time but you had to celebrate the little things).   

I may have suggested to Leo 'How about bowling with Louka?' 

Not quite what I had in mind....

In between trying not to laugh I asked Leo what he was doing,  I'm sure you can guess his reply!

"I'm bowling with Louka Mummy"

AARGGHH   "I meant why don't you and Louka, play bowling..... with. A. ball."

"He enjoys it"

To be fair,  Louka did seem to be enjoying it, or at least wasn't making any attempt to stop it!


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