A Boy and His Bottle #SiggCyprus

Louka's favourite thing at the moment is football, he spends ages on the balcony kicking a ball around (and often over the edge!) or down with his friend on the field outside.  He loves anything and everything with even a hint of football about it, so you can imagine his joy when we gave him a football themed water bottle!

Since then he's taken it to school of course - as that was the intention

He's carried it around the house, used it at the dinner table, in front of the TV and taken it to bed!

I explained to him that we received the bottle to review and he took it very seriously, telling me that it is a good colour and he likes the footballers on there especially the one with the blond hair.   The best bit apparently is the lid because it looks like a football and he's never seen that on a bottle before.

The bottle is by Sigg Cyprus and is part of their Aluminum Kids range.   

It's great to have a bottle that the boys like to stop them wanting plastic bottles all the time, when we have used them we do reuse many times but of course they never last long and they are terrible for the environment.

The twist top is a great idea as he opens it with his hands and not his teeth like he does with every other bottle, meaning they end up covered in teeth marks very quickly.

I think it's a winner all round...

Disclosure: We received the bottle from Marathon Trading /Sigg Cyprus as part of the Mum's In Cyprus.com Testing Team. 


  1. Oo, love the idea that it twists open! Much better!! For the teeth and the bottles �� xx


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