The Best Nine

I noticed many people on Instagram sharing their #bestnine in the last week of 2018 and as I do love to jump on a bandwagon when I see one I thought I'd join in too.   I'm a bit later than most as the first app I found to do it was supposed to email me the image, which it didn't and then I forgot all about it.  When I remembered I found another one and it gave me an almost instant image to download!

I joined Instagram several years ago, I'd been desperate to join for ages but didn't have a good enough phone at the time and couldn't download the app. My account was initially as @emsyjo  but a while after we started Klik Photo CY I changed to @klikphotoCY and it became our business account.  I mainly share work related pics, either photos from the booth, of the booth set up at different events, or random things that take my fancy at events such as sunsets, table plans and decor.  I also throw in a few family / day off pics as we are a family business and I like to reflect that in my feed. 

Here's the Klik best nine...

Apart from the bottom left, all are my photos, the two of Aaron and I were taken in the photo booth but the rest were taken on my phone.  I wasn't surprised to see the sunsets as they are always popular and I get to use a broader set of hashtags with those!

I set up my second IG account after we re-branded the FPN website (Famagusta Public Network) I'd always fancied having an account for it but initially you were unable to easily switch between accounts and so that had put me off.

I love this account too, and use this one to share mainly photos of the area, mostly mine and occasionally those of people I know (of course I ask!), sometimes I 'regram' pics that I like that others post of the area too.

Looking over my feed it's mainly blue, sometimes due to me sharing promo images but mainly due to the amount of sea and sky pics, they are always popular and I can never resist snapping them when out and about.

All the photos except the middle right are mine (I think - bottom middle may have been Aaron's)

I do kind of miss having my own Instagram but not enough to set up a third account. I do enjoy running these two though,  it's enables me to share a good mix of the things I love, family, working together, weddings and Cyprus.  It was great get look back over the year and see what everyone liked!

If you would like to follow me on instagram you can find me at


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