2019 - so far so good!

Happy new year dear blog readers!

On New Years Eve I'd taken the boys to Paralimni town centre just as it got dark to see the Christmas lights as we'd not got round to going there yet and I felt like we hadn't left the house in days. 

We came home to a warm house,  music on, bubbly chilling and so our traditional NYE evening was about to get underway!

Mum and Dad arrived and we celebrated with lots of food, drinks and music. Mostly sat ( and at various points dancing) and singing along to youtube,  all the old songs that it wouldn't be NYE without!

Even Leo was singing along to Chas and Dave!

Just before midnight I played our usual countdown which ends with the 'bongs' of Big Ben and a rousing rendition of Auld Langs Syne - although we don't get the chimes live at midnight, it's just not New Year until I hear them!     We all stood outside on the balcony (luckily it was not raining yet)  and I opened the front door as is the tradition to let the new year in the front and out the back. 
The boys had sparklers and we watched the very few fireworks that went off in the north. 

An hour or so later, the boys were off to bed and I had a glass of water, cup of tea and took my make up off - that's got to be a good sign to start the year off with, last year I was having ANOTHER vodka, finishing off with a hot chocolate and baileys and falling into bed. 

It worked,  I woke up on January 1st with no fuzzy head,  possibly the only time that has happened to me as an adult without being pregnant! 

Let's do this 2019!

New years day was perfect, hangover free but a chilled morning all sat on the sofa reading / watching tv under a blanket, followed by a long hot bath for me (not something I'd generally do before the boys are in bed!) a little walk to the park and back with the boys on their scooters and then down to Mum and Dads for a big roast dinner, cake, card games and a few more drinks. 

Today (Jan 2nd) has been our 'get back to normal day'  

Decorations down, and a big clean and tidy up, no xbox, actual food for meals rather than sweets and chocolate and a normal time to bed for the boys, I'm focusing on the positive of all that so I don't feel sad that it's no longer acceptable to sit around in my dressing gown eating chocolate and drinking baileys. 
Image Credit - Hurrah for Gin

Tomorrow is weigh in day - time to face the music!    Of course as I should have known,  my good intentions went straight out the window with our first Christmas celebrations but I enjoyed every single mouthful of yummy food and drink so stuff it,  I'm back on plan now and will get on with it. 

I don't do new year resolutions as such, well maybe 'stop eating mince pies for breakfast' but I have decided to join #ywaDEDICATE - a 30 day yoga challenge  (it's a 'journey' rather than a challenge but I hate that word unless I'm literally travelling somewhere!) 

I did Day 1 this morning and I enjoyed it.


2019 - So far so good!

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Your New Year's Eve sounded fabulous! I too am on the journey to make 2019 a fitter and healthier one - have to say an alarm set for a 6:45 am get up and a drive at 7:45 makes for reduced alcohol intake. Best of luck and thanks for joining in the linky

    1. That is dedication for you! I enjoyed not getting up with a fuzzy head but I did have a nice lie in!

  2. Good luckm with your yoga challenge and your NYE sounds great, I like the idea of letting the New Year in with the doors! Good luck with week with SW. Mich x

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