Leo's furry friend

I'm not a 'cat person'. I can appreciate that they can be cute but generally I don't make a point of fussing them unless they are really friendly,   maybe they can tell I am unimpressed as I always say that cats don't seem to like me,  it's all about the claws!

Aaron isn't a cat fan either but we've always made a point of getting the boys to fuss them if they are friendly as they were always so scared of dogs and were wary of cats too.

Yesterday the boys and I were out exploring and as we got out the car there were about 15 cats suddenly around us and more were appearing assuming we had food - now I wouldn't say I'm scared of cats but I can't say I like that many approaching all at once from different directions!.  We ignored them and they got the message, all except one

He (could have been a she!)   took a liking to Leo and came right up to him as he sat on a wall.   Leo moved away and 'Catty' (as it was imaginatively named) followed him.   Laughing Leo moved to the other side of the pillar, leaving the cat with Louka who did want to fuss him. 

Catty was not interested at all with Louka.  

Wherever Leo sat, the cat was there in moments. Leo tried to trick it by running and hiding behind the post, the cat sat and waited and as soon as Leo sat down he was back.

When Leo kept still it made itself comfortable right on his lap!

Leo sat for a while wearing (as he put it)  cat-cuffs, until he got bored and wanted to move.  Not being used to cats he asked me to get it off as he was stuck. 

I explained, it's easy - just move your hands a bit and he'll jump off...

Nope, he just rearranged himself and got comfy again!

I tried to gently push it off and but it wasn't having any of that - in the end I actually had to pick it up off him. 

We then made a hasty retreat before he tried to follow us home.

It may have been cute but we still don't want one!


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