A Very 80's Christmas

When you think of your childhood Christmases, what comes to mind?

I wrote about my Christmas pasts several years ago and about some of my memories but wanted to share a few that might bring back some memories for you too. 

We counted down the days with our advent calendars, each day we were excited to open the door to discover the picture that lay behind it.  As we got older they improved and we got chocolate too! 

There were no daily advent gifts, Christmas Eve boxes, or gingerbread houses to make and apart from the school nativity play and fundraising Christmas fayre the only festive activity the Chris-tingle service at the local church and driving round to see the local Christmas lights but it was magical and exciting and memorable. 

Here are a few of my memories...

The Christmas Radio and TV Times

Do you remember the days when the only way to find out what would be on TV would be to check the daily paper,  maybe Ceefax if you were lucky enough to have the technology,  or to buy the TV Time  for (ITV and Channel Four)  AND the Radio Times for BBC One and Two?

By the 90's they had were including all the channels in both magazines, but I clearly remember the days you had to buy one of each.  The Christmas edition,  always a bumper 2 week guide was an event in itself,  where you would sit with a pen and mark the things you wanted to see, hoping that they didn't clash with what Dad planned to watch!


Real or fake tree?    It's only ever been a fake tree for me,  we had a huge Christmas tree that lasted for years and years, with a little bit more falling off each year.   I can't remember how much it cost but I know my Mum wasn't so impressed when my Dad brought it in the 70's, we certainly got our money's worth from it over the years though.

I remember all the decorations, spending ages hanging the baubles with the tiny hooks, the glittery ones, and the fabric covered ones,  all in a riot of multi colour.     The lights that always caused such a drama, will they / won't they work?    Which bulb is the one that needs replacing?

Photo Credit - Woolworths Museum


Food is always a big part of any celebration, especially Christmas.    Christmas dinner hasn't changed  much for us since the 80's, always a roast, usually turkey but goose made an appearance for us one year when we went to my Grandparents.   I don;t think we had 'pigs in blankets' back then and these days we add Cauliflower cheese but mostly it's the same.

Although I never used to eat any myself, the Christmas Cake was always an essential, looking something like this...

My Christmas desert was usually Artic Roll, or maybe a Vienetta, both a really big treat.

There were the 'Christmas goodies', usually put on the sideboard on Christmas eve and always including Turkish Delight, 'Eat me' Dates,  Orange and Lemon Slices, and Fruit Jellies, plus a big tin of biscuits and maybe some After Eights.

I usually got a selection box in my stocking, and if you were really lucky you might have got your own chocolate vending machine

(I often thought about asking for one of those but realised it was a bit pointless once the chocolate had gone!)

Do you remember how big the tins of sweets were?

My favourite were the toffees, changing to the orange creams and strawberry creams as I grew up.  The purple ones were always left till last, and we didn't even know anyone who liked them, I was surprised to see in later years that they were popular enough to be sold on their own!

Do you remember any of the above?  Share your favourites in the comments below!

The images in this post are not mine, if you are the original owner please let me know and I will be happy to credit you.


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