Sunday Photo

Photo Credit - The Hacks Photography

As you may have guessed, my Sunday photo this week is not MY photo but it is awesome and  I didn't take any as I was rushing around trying to get ready for guests arriving at our house for my birthday drinks!

The photos were taken in Ayia Napa by The Hacks and show the amazing and bizarre skies we experienced over eastern Cyprus on Friday afternoon.

The day had started nicely, and fairly normal for this time of year.  It can be a little chilly first thing in the morning but we are still ok in shorts and t-shirt for the walk to school.  Louka decided to wear his fleece (with the hood up!)  but Leo realised he would be warm enough once we started walking.

By lunchtime, as usual, it was hot but as the afternoon progressed the clouds came in and brought the rain with them.  We watched closely after spending time cleaning and rearranging our balcony ready for the evening celebrations.   Without the use of the balcony, it becomes very 'cosy'  for several people to be in our apartment at the same time!

We were lucky,  the rain came and went with plenty of time before our guests arrived and we got to enjoy an amazing lighting show out to sea afterwards too. It was also warm enough to sit outside for the rest of the evening, maybe with the addition of a cardigan or "beer jacket"!

It was the first 'proper' rain we have had this season, and as well as over an hour of constant rolling thunder we were treated to these unusual and beautiful skies, the likes of which I've never seen  before!


  1. Those skies are amazing. I've also never seen anything like it before. We had our first rains this week and a big storm at night. Did we get it from you or is it coming your way?


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