Dabbing with the Gods at Cyherbia

For the last few years, we have been working with the photo booth over Halloween weekend at Cyherbia, providing spooky photos for the hundreds of visitors they get each year. This year due to wedding bookings we were unable to work it but I did get the chance to experience it as a visitor once again when I took the boys up for a few hours on Saturday.

I've lost count now how many times we've been to Cyherbia,  it's been a long time since our first visit in 2013 - where I pushed baby Louka round the maze in his pushchair,  followed by visits with him on reins (also pushing the buggy for when he got tired - which of course he didn't, but undoubtedly would have done had I not taken it!)

I loved every visit but it was hard work compared to now - it was always fun, but I would be exhausted once I got home - either from the effort of trying to keep up with them in the maze, trying to get the boys to go in the same direction, or chasing them around the gardens trying not to lose them.  We always went with others,  either my Mum, or Aaron, or with friends so the children would keep each other occupied and allow us to sit down for 5 minutes to catch our breath.

This year, it was just the boys and me, and how times have changed!

We walked in,  past the ice cream van which caused much excitement yet nods of agreement when I suggested we did the maze first then got ice creams afterwards.

We explored the maze - they didn't argue over which way to go,  I didn't have to hold hands, push buggies or worry if they were out of sight and about to get lost.....and.... we made it to the viewing platform without lots of diversions for the first time ever!

We had ice creams as promised and sat for a while and had drinks, whilst having an actual conversation without anyone moaning.

I was going to let them go and do the Herb Garden activities on their own, knowing that they know their way around, and can read the instructions, yet after all these years of running around after them, I decided that I didn't want to miss out, and went and joined them anyway!

Cyherbia Event

They joined in with all the activities, except making a love potion with Aphrodite - they were not so impressed when I suggested that, preferring to throw boulders at Cyclops and have a go at archery and apple bobbing. They predictably avoided the face painting like the plague - you've never met a couple of kids who hate face painting with the passion that mine do!

Of course, there was dabbing - it's Leo's default setting it seems, that and flossing.  I have lost count of the number of 'dab photos' we have as he makes it his mission to 'dab on it' wherever we go. 

His highlight....  
Getting to dab with Zeus himself!

Zeus dab

We had a really lovely afternoon, with only the tiniest hint of a moan from Louka when I said it was time to go, one so tiny that he had stopped before it had even started. I am so pleased to be starting to leave the tantrums behind at last! 

I asked Leo if he thought he would grow out of visiting Cyherbia and he was most offended,
"NO Mum! Why would I grow out of it - you still like it don't you?" *
"Maybe I will be too big for some of the activities but the maze will always be EPIC"    **

'Well, it will always be 'A-MAZE-ING'  I replied, to which I got a THAT look,
"And yet that will still never be funny Mum"

Hmm,  times they are indeed a-changing!

* Good point there Leo! 
**his words - things are either epic, lame or 'meh' 


  1. I'm with you on enjoying the advantages of kids growing up. So much more fun now. I just did that arm thing and asked my daughter if it's called dabbing. She replied, "Yes, but you don't do it exactly right." I can't win. "Anyway," she went on, "it'll be over soon. The dab is dying." LOL

  2. Adults just can't pull it off properly, it's like flossing and all the other fortnite dances, have they reached you to?


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