Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging

When the boys went back to school earlier this month I wrote what at the time was going to be my final blog post here. I was toying with the idea of keeping it live with that as the 'end'  as I thought it was likely that I would regret it sooner or later if I deleted it completely - 9 years and over 1000 posts is a lot to just disappear like that!

I was chatting to Leo about it, about it was different now that he and Louka are older and how it's not up to me to put anything about their life on the internet, about how once it is 'out there' it is out of our hands etc.

We spoke about the kind of things I'd written about over the years, and how he is welcome to look at all of it, and if he would like me to take anything down I will do so.

I said how I couldn't write as often as I used to, and I don't fancy sharing as many photos and information about what we were doing each week.   We ended up talking about 'blog linky's',  You Tube, Memes and even SEO!

I told him I had decided to give the blog a 'makeover'  and write more for him, than about him.

That I would do some more posts like my massive flashback earlier this year and things that would interest him, if not now then later on.

His reply....

'That sounds great Mum, but you know you can always write about me, I don't care!'

I don't know why I should be surprised - this is the boy who has been asking for weeks to start his own Youtube channel,  and who insists on me taking a photo of him 'dabbing' in every possible situation.   This is the boy that has taught himself how to make slideshows with powerpoint and has grown up with us online, making websites, promoting etc.

The boy who thinks that our photo booth is the coolest thing ever - of course, he is right! and that his Mum has made the best website in the world and the FPN is EPIC!

I should just point out that Louka is also impressed with the FPN, and Klik but doesn't generally share the same enthusiasm for stuff as Leo!  He also doesn't like having his photo taken as much so I've always assumed he would be the first out of the two of them to object to blogging.

Konnos Bay

I noticed via facebook memories that my blog is 9 years old this month. I have never been able to remember my blog 'birthday'  mainly as this wasn't the original blog,  I started the first one, one morning, typing one handed with baby Leo cradled in one arm.   I'm not sure exactly what prompted me to do it but I know I put no thought into it at all, just signed up to Blogger, picked a template and the first  name that came to me which was 'Why the hell not?' (as in Move to Cyprus?, start a blog?  yeah, why the hell not!)

I think I wrote 2 or 3 posts then decided to change the name and for some reason had to start again. My first post on this blog was 17th September 2009,  I never imagined for one moment that I would still be doing it even a year later let alone 9,  how can I take it down now!

So here we go,  entering my 10th year of blogging with a new look and hopefully a new enthusiasm?

Maybe I'll get Leo to write me a guest post!


  1. Good decision. And good for Leo - a true child of the tech age. I look forward to many more Cyrus adventures on the bog. xxx

  2. I'm trying to make blogging s habit again, thank you for sticking around all these years xx


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