The Not So Quick Blog Post

After taking the boys to bed this evening, I suddenly fancied writing a blog post. I've no idea what prompted this idea after all this time (not counting Leo's birthday post, which I felt I should write, it has been almost 7 months!)

I decided not to 'over think' it, not to think about what I *should* be doing, to forget the fact I should  maybe do some ironing, or write a work blog post, or many other things.

I always wrote my blog posts on the balcony, and I've missed sitting out there in the evening. Now I have a desktop computer I'm always inside and sitting there just feels like I'm working, we also gave up smoking back in February which means we hardly sit there any more.

So, what a great plan it was - grab my laptop, get a drink and throw together a quick post - easy!

That was about an hour ago,
I got my laptop, of course it was dead as a dodo.  Where might the charger be then?

I found it, quite happily in the 3rd place I looked.
Fab, plug in, move chair closer to the plug point, boot up laptop.

Then remember why I got a desktop PC
The laptop is the slowest thing I have ever had the misfortune to use since the days of dial up,  but it's fine because I'm being patient and I wish to sit in the cool evening air and blog on the balcony.

I leave it booting up and pour my drink.

Lovely, it's loaded by the time I get back.  I open up blogger to a page I don't even recognise - I need to login - aaahh that could be a problem as I don't remember doing that for many years.

Ignoring the fact that my desktop is just a couple of feet away I persevere and log in to google, it recognises me and gets into blogger that way.

Now we move on to the updates that the antivirus trying to do, and the fact that Dropbox is probably 6 months out of date, and that's a whole lot of files to update.

I sit and watch the web page trying to load, racking my brain as I used to when this was my only computer as to WHY the hell it is so slow.  Even moving between tabs is painful!

I stop to look at the warning from Google about the unexpected sign in from a different device.

I finally get into blogger,  I wade through the updates and notices about European data laws and click 'New Post'

I have an empty glass.

I start writing and google tells me that chrome needs reinstalling - so does my vodka!

I can't remember what I was planning on writing, but it's nice to be sat on the balcony, although one of my neighbours is smoking and it's a bit annoying that it still smells nice to me!

Well, that was a productive hour - I think I'll go and do the updates that my laptop is begging for, you never know I may be back again soon!

Random sunset photo from January that happened to be in Dropbox!


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