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The Magic of Artificial Boxwoods and Why Your Office Needs Them *Guest Post*

Guest Post by Hedgescapes.com

Are you looking to redecorate your office space? Then the artificial boxwoods are just what you need to create the perfect landscape in both indoor and outdoor areas of your office. These magical landscaping products have lush green leaves, are unbelievably realistic looking and are available in different shapes, patterns, and sizes. Manufactured to resemble the real boxwood shrubs identically, the faux boxwood plants and hedges also have 1.5 to 5 centimetre long leaves just like the real plant. Here’s why your office totally needs these gorgeous landscaping products:

They Are Easy To Maintain and Provide Care To

One excellent benefit of these realistic and beautifully manufactured artificial boxwoods is that these landscaping products are very easy to provide care to. Unlike the real boxwood plants that require tropical or subtropical climates, strong sunlight, regular watering, and fertilization, the faux boxwoods require no such maintenance and special weather conditions. The artificial landscaping products can be kept clean and fresh with a single spray of water, or even a wet duster is good enough to keep them looking brand new and lush green.

They Can Be Installed In Several Different Settings

Another excellent benefit of the artificial boxwood hedges is that these plants can be installed in a vast range of both indoor and outdoor settings, making them the perfect decorative product for your office. Here’s a list of office as well as other residential and commercial spaces that these landscaping products can be installed in:

  • Office building, office lobby, office cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms, office building parking lots, office terraces and office gardens are also spaces where the plants can be installed in.

  • Hotel lobbies, hotel parking areas, hotel gardens, hotel rooms, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, pubs, and lounges can be given a nice tropical vibe with the installation of the plant

  • Apartments, villas, bungalows, public gardens, government buildings, hospitals and old age homes can be given a vibrant and lush green vibe with the installation of the faux boxwood hedges.

PermaLeaf® Technology Used To Make the Landscaping Products Weather Proof

At the time of manufacturing of these artificial boxwood plants and hedges, a special technology called the PermaLeaf® technology is used to ensure that the finished products are weatherproof. Special UV stabilizers are impregnated into the raw materials of the faux plants that keep these plants protected from the harsh rays of the sun. The leaves of the boxwoods will not fade when exposed to excessive sunlight. Further, the high-quality colour pigments used in the leaves of the plants ensure that the boxwoods stay lush green for years on end without losing their colour.

ThermaLeaf® Technology for Fire Retardant Plants

People are often apprehensive about installing artificial boxwoods in and around their office spaces because artificial landscaping products have the reputation of being susceptible to fires. No one would be ready to take the risk of installing products in an office space that may lead to fires and destruction of the surroundings and maybe even causalities. However, in the case of these artificial boxwood hedges, you need not worry about your office going up in flames. A special technology called the ThermaLeaf® technology is used at the time of manufacturing, and this technology makes the boxwoods fire retardant. Fire retardant chemicals are impregnated with the raw materials of the boxwoods that guarantee the safety and security of your office.

Affordable And Cost Effective

Redecorating an office that is very large in size can prove to be a costly ordeal. Installing real plants in the landscape area can further increase your monthly costs because real plants will require you to hire a professional gardener to provide maintenance. In the case of the faux boxwood hedges, you need not worry about additional expenses. Also, the artificial boxwoods are very affordably priced and thus can be purchased in large numbers to fill up and decorate office spaces of enormous sizes.

Sturdy, Durable and Long Lasting

Another excellent benefit of these ambience plants is that they are very long lasting and durable. Unlike several competitors’ products that are available in the market, the artificial boxwood hedges do not spoil or deteriorate over time. These landscaping products can last for years and years on end without breaking, ruining, fade or deteriorating. Further, the boxwoods can be used and re-used as per requirement. When not in use, the artificial landscaping products can be stored away without any hassles and will remain intact even in proper storage conditions.

Lightweight and Easy To Install

Even though the artificial boxwood hedges are very durable and long-lasting, these landscaping products are not heavy. They are lightweight, and this feature makes them very easy to move from one space to another and makes the installation process also quick and hassle-free. You do not need to hire labourers and landscape artists to install these boxwoods in your office, a single person or two people are more than enough to get the landscape in place.

Can Be Placed To Provide Privacy in the Office

The boxwood screens are very tall in height. These screens can be used to provide privacy in the office. Cabins can be covered with the boxwood screens to maintain the privacy of the cabin owner. The screens can be used for partition between two cabins, or can also be used as a partition screen for the conference room or meeting room in the office.

For all of you out there who are looking to revamp your office space, the boxwood hedges and other landscaping products are highly recommended. Not only are these products affordable but also they can last for years on end without spoiling. The lush green leaves of the boxwoods have proven to show more productivity and creativity to employees and staff members. So, place your order today and redecorate your office in ways you could not imagine.

Give your office a magical, mystical and enchanting vibe with these gorgeous boxwoods. Leave customers and clients amazed at your office landscape!

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