End of an era

This month saw the end of an era, as my last article was published in Daxi Magazine. I've been writing for Daxi for almost 7 years now and after several months of debate reluctantly decided it's time to stop.

A lot has changed since I started, and my day to day life has changed considerably in that time.  Back then I was blogging regularly,  often 4 or 5 times a week and it was easy to adapt a post a month into an article for the magazine, for a couple of years now my blog has taken a back seat as the business got bigger, and my boys are no longer babies and as easy to write about.

I always have things in my head I'd love to write about, but finding the inspiration and the time to get them out just doesn't happen as easily now.  This year is the first since I started when I'd not managed even one blog post in a month as I missed the whole of November.

Over the last year, I have thought many times of closing this blog completely but can't help but think it would be a shame to take down 8 years of writing, some of which is quite good, and I do like be able to look back at the early days of living in Cyprus, and the boys baby / toddler years.  I always come back to deciding just to leave it here in case I decide to start again, so I'll leave it here, for now at least until inspiration strikes again.   I'm not ready to give it all up just yet!


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