The big 40 birthday celebrations

As the clock struck midnight on 1st January 2017 I was standing on my balcony with Aaron, Mum & Dad and the boys. As we raised our glasses and wished each other a happy new year,  Aaron turned to me and said.... 'You do realise that you'll be 40 this year'

This set the tone for the following 10 months, and it spread - everyone, even the boys joined in (except my 39 year old friends that is,  I think they were sympathising with me, and realising it would be them very soon!)

I found it funny and not funny in equal measure, I opted for not caring realising it is stupid to be bothered by it after all, it would happen anyway and sulking about it would change anything.  (Actually I was kinda enjoying the fuss but ssshh don't tell anyone)  I decided that the more he went on about it, the more I would celebrate when the time came.

I was like a big kid leading up to my birthweek,   yes I had a birthday week, a whole week of celebrations and it was..... EPIC!   (sorry Aaron,  but there are times when only EPIC will do).

It all began with the arrival of my Care Bear, AKA Nic.   on the 10th October,  the day before my birthday.

Known for her crazy arrival outfits she went for a bit of nostalgia this time and dressed as one of my favourite children toys.   

Of course, we started as we meant to go on, and cracked open the wine as soon as we got home!

The day itself started with Bucks Fizz after the school run to accompany card and present opening,  before heading out to meet more friends for breakfast. 


Breakfast was amazing, as it always is at Mojitos, and it was even better this time, as it was accompanied by bubbles and cocktails!

Aaron of course was therefore on school pick up, as he was for most of the week while we were out and about.  The weather is still in summer mode here so we spent a couple of hours at the pool in the afternoon.

Mum and Dad came up in the afternoon for presents and cake,  I was very lucky with a new phone,  book, jewelry, bubble bath and shower gel and a new computer! 

Originally we had no plans for the evening as the big celebration would be the party on Saturday but as Nic pointed out it seemed a shame not to do anything so we left Aaron and the boys and walked up the road to our local for a meal.

It was a perfect day,  and the party was not over yet,  in fact it hadn't even started!

Part 2 coming up soon....


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