Now you are 8.

Dear Leo,

Happy 8th Birthday!   I know it's a couple a days early but as it's party day today I decided that the celebrations start here!

Every year when I write your birthday letter I can't believe how fast your birthday has come round again.  I know for you it seems a long time since your 7th birthday and I remember how far apart my birthdays seemed when I was a kid,  but it seems to go quicker each year for me now.  I remember each of your birthdays so well, and it doesn't feel like it could be 7 years ago that you had your very first party!

I hope you have enjoyed being 7,  and that you will have many good memories from the year. You have now nearly finished your 2nd year at school and I'm so pleased that you enjoy school and being with your friends.  I know that you're not a fan of the homework, but most people aren't, its just one of those things you have to get on with.

You probably can't even remember many of the things we've done this year, it's so hard to remember all the little things,  which is why I love that you always enjoy me taking photos! Beach trips,

We've had many days out,  the Lego Exhibition, and first cinema trip, the aquarium, mini golf, Salamis and Famagusta Beach, Waterworld, Zaferios (many many times!) Wow, and Larnaca Fort and Fun Factory with Sam and the kids.   Carnival, Green Monday on the beach, and Easter egg hunting are just a few more things we've been up to since your last birthday.

There are more days at home than going out, but I hope you still have lots of fun,  spending loads of time at our pool,  or playing board games or video games together and BBQ's  ( of course with 'Daddy's Yummy Chicken'  and Pringles!)  film nights, reading are all things that we love.

And of course,  the day you say you'll never forget - when the ice cream man came back as we left the beach to let you and Louka both get an ice cream!

You've been going to Taekwondo for just over a year now and I'm so proud of you,  not just because you have got your yellow belt but also because you persevered with it and gave it all another chance when you felt like giving it all up. We wanted you to make the decision yourself and I hope you learnt something from it.

You are very understanding about our work now,  and you even have been able to come to work with us a couple of times now,  helping out at Daxifest with the Photo Booth.

Photo Booth Cyprus

You are growing up fast now, and I hope you continue to be the lovely caring and thoughtful boy you are.  Of course you have your moments and can drive us all completely crazy - saying 'Αγγουρι' constantly and for no apparent reason for example!

To my clever, crazy, kind, handsome, caring boy, I wish you the best birthday ever, and hope you enjoy your party. 

And remember,  every life is a pile of good things and bad things, the good things don't always soften the bad things but vice versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant. 

(and yes, I realise that is a Doctor quote, but it's a good one!) 

Love Mum, xx


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