Getting on with it #SlimmingSunday

I posted 3 weeks ago debating on the secret to losing weight and as you may have guessed I am yet to find it!  It started well, even though I didn't get round to writing a blog post and joining Mummy From the Heart's Slimming Sunday link up and I lost 5lb.  I went to my usual Zumba class and put 110% effort into it, and loved it despite the fact I thought I was going to collapse into a heap before the end!

The following week was not SO good, but it also wasn't that bad,  and then the kids broke up for the Easter holidays.....

Hmmm,  all my plans of  'just a little bit of chocolate' on Easter Sunday fell by the wayside and all good plans went WAY out the window for the whole two weeks. It's been a good two weeks though, with days out and a lovely family and friends BBQ on Easter Sunday.

Oh well,  onwards and upwards,  or preferably downwards.

Both of my exercise classes were not running over Easter but they are both back on from tomorrow so it's back to school and straight back to Zumba, I must admit I'm not feeling completely enthusiastic about it but I know it will be fine once I get moving,  plus Fridays class is on the beach so I'm really looking forward to that.

I will try and join Slimming Sunday again next week,  and so I'd better try a lot harder, I really can't come back with another list of excuses!


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