All dressed up - Flashback Friday

I've been looking through piles of old photos for inspiration for a Flashback post, and between my Mum and I we have A LOT of them.  I love old photos and they provide an almost endless supply of blog inspiration when I get round to it.

Scrolling through the photos (yes they are ALL scanned, backed up, dated and organised in folders) saving a few that caught my eye and I decided these were the most appropriate for today.

The first photo was taken when I was 17, I was about to leave for the annual Black Tie Ball at the rugby club I played lacrosse at,   well, I say 'played'  it was more that I used to turn up and stand in a field holding a stick trying not to run anywhere but it was close enough!

My friends and I were technically too young to attend the ball but for some daft reason they decided we would be sensible enough to go.

Hmmm,  the stories from the evening are probably best left unsaid,  but it was a memorable night and the start of my love of 'Black Tie' events.

A couple of years older, but not much wiser we did it all again.

I'm thinking back but again,  not so much I can share about the actual evening!

So,   why did I choose these photos today?

Tomorrow is the 4th Daxi Business Awards and time to dress up and party!

We've been to every one of the ceremonies so far and they have all been great nights,  the first year I was pregnant   the second year our friends (Blood Brothers Tattoo, Ayia Napa) won 'Best Newcomer'. Last time I was up for 'Heart of Gold' and it was an awesome night.  

This year we are nominated!   Klik Photo CY is up for 'Best Newcomer' which is brilliant - win or lose I am made up that we are doing a 'thing' and can be nominated alongside so many amazing businesses.    I am also up for the 'Outstanding Contribution to the Community' award (for the Famagusta Parents Network)   and many of my friends are up for awards in various categories so hopefully at least someone I'm rooting for will go home with an award!

Ultimately,  it's a damn good night out - got my hair and make up booked, dress and new shoes ready (ok,  little bit worried about the shoes!).   Aaron's got his tuxedo ready and our friends are babysitting!

Bring on the food, drinks and party!    And hopefully I AM now older and wiser and will be able to write about the evening!


Daxi Business Awards 2015


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