2016 Flashbacks - Part 2

Continuing with my flashback posts of 2016 (you can find part 1 here ) we are moving onto April, when apparently I declared that Summer was beginning and we had several Sunday afternoons down at our new favourite beach.

We went exploring again and rediscovered the 'secret cave'  at the Agia Napa Aqueduct, in fact we went twice meeting friends there the second time for a picnic. 

I declared that I was going to get back to 'blogging on the balcony' and I really believed it,  although I didn't take into account that we were approaching 'Wedding season' here in Cyprus and we were about to be working more than ever before!

April is always the time when the island starts to wake up again, and Carnival kicks it all off!  I wrote about how it was my favourite time of the year


May was a great month, it is of course Leo's birthday, and this year to celebrate his turning 7 we had a Star Wars party.

But it was also the month the my friend came to stay for a week! 

There were many cocktails, mornings at the beach and lots and lots of chatter and laughter.

Not forgetting the fact it was Easter, our village held its biannual Strawberry Festival,  our favourite restaurant reopened for the summer, and Leo also started Taekwondo lessons!


We had a huge run of photo booth bookings at the end of May and the first week of June, something like 12 events in 15 days I think it was. It was of course a good thing but we really appreciated a few days break at the end of it before carrying on with the season. 

Next was Dad's birthday, followed by Aaron's birthday, followed by Sam's and a big joint party at our house and dinner at the 'park with the statue' 

Summer was certainly under way and we were in the pool almost every day.  

Sam and I took the kids to Larnaca for our 'big day out' - one I have been meaning to write about ever since!

And then in the second week of June, the schools broke up for summer....

Part 3 coming next!


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