Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Christmas Present Hunt

After a month of chocolate for breakfast and increasing excitement Christmas day finally dawned. I really hadn't slept well - I was so convinced that one of the boys would wake up and demand to get up at some stupid hour that I was waking up with every little noise all night long.  I heard Leo go to the bathroom at 5:30am and was expecting him to come in, or at least go and look to see the presents but he went straight back to bed!

Eventually I heard Louka come out and as I lay listening for the reaction Leo jumped out of bed to show him and explain.  I walked down the hall and loved hearing Leo show Louka that Santa had eaten the mince pies and drank the 'Maximoki'  (it's their name for Whisky - I have no idea where it came from!)

The boys had been desperately hoping for Lego Dimensions, which was literally the only thing they asked for.  I had asked many times if there was anything else they would like and both would look at me blankly in reply.

The only 'problem' I told them is that we have nothing to play it on.
Undeterred they asked Santa for a PS3.   I explained several times that he probably wouldn't be able to bring such a big present, but it didn't stop them hoping.

We had a sneaky suspicion that Santa would bring them  Lego Dimensions and luckily he knew that we had managed to get the boys an XBox from all of us, so he brought them the correct version.

We also knew that once they were opened the boys would want nothing else other than to play on it so we hid the Xbox downstairs at my parents apartment.  We opened all our presents, first thing and then had a little wait for Nana and Grandad to come up for a cup of tea and their presents from us.

This meant a delay of a few hours in which the boys had the thing they wanted the most in the world but nothing on which to play it!!

I think Leo was optimistic that presents were not yet done and so all was not lost (he knows from previous years that presents also come from Nana & Grandad when we go down for lunch)  as he asked a few times to play it but didn't really seem to upset.   Louka was quietly confused and sat down after everything was open and with his hand on the box said sadly 'But we didn't get a playstation'

Once everyone was together I presented the boys with a card, with instructions on how to find a special present.  They had to work together, and solve the clues to the 'present hunt'. There were 12 clues,  taking them all around the apartment and eventually down to one hidden in my car, taking them into my parents and eventually the final hiding place of their shed.

There they found two Xbox controllers wrapped up....

....followed by the actual console!

As I'm sure you can imagine there was much rejoicing.  For one day only it was all set up on Grandad's tv and we proceeded to have the quietest Christmas we've ever known!

It was a lovely day,  and I also got a new toy - two in fact, I got a light box (in the photo below) and an actual toy - I got the Doctor Who level pack for Lego Dimensions!

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