December so far...

It's the last day of school today and I'm quite excited about it!  I always am at the end of term, summer and winter, it reminds me of the end of term excitement we used to have.  Even though there is a small part of me remembering that it means I don't have my mornings to work in, I love school holidays, especially now the boys tend to let me stay in bed until 8am!

I started this month with a massive to-do list, which I not only managed to to lose like I normally do, I actually completed it.   Well pretty much, apart from making cookies.  I had told the boys I'd make cookies for them to decorate and haven't done that but they were quite happy to be told we could do it in the holiday. 

I do love a list, especially a Christmas related one, shopping, wrapping, and baking are all enjoyable for me at this time of year.  (It only lasts through December then the novelty wears off for another year!)   We now have Mince pies, Onion Marmalade, Lemon Curd, and some edible Christmas gifts all ready to be given, 

We've been busy with lots of activities this month,   

The Performers Academy Christmas Show, 

Loukas school play and Christmas Fayre, 

Christmas Avenue in Deryneia, 

Leiarna's birthday party,   

Festive Zumba class which was not only great fun but ended with cake and booze - that's my kind of exercise! 

The very important day of decorating,   accompanied by the first of the mince pies and baileys. 

We've had several evenings working with the Photo Booth at various Christmas parties

This afternoon we have friends coming round for a pre-Christmas get together,   the men are off to the pub and we are making decorations and playing games with the kids (not sure that's entirely fair but I'm still looking forward to it!)   

I'm sure the kids will all be over excited having just finished school but I'm wildly optimistic we can stick them all in front of a film after dinner and have a nice evening still!

Tomorrow Leo had his second taekwondo grading which he is really excited about, and then it is Christmas Eve!

So it continues to be busy here,   I'll see you on the other side!

Merry Christmas!

Photo Booth by Klik Photo CY
Image credit - Klik Photo CY


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