Winter is on the way.

On the evening of Monday 31st October, Aaron and I sat outside until late,  it was a little chilly but nothing that a pair of socks and a fleece couldn't solve.   

During the night I woke up to a distant rumble of thunder and ran outside to gather all the chair cushions.   I went straight back to sleep only to vaguely wake a little later to the sound of rain,  that rain turned into a massive storm.   I slept through it but it did cause quite a bit of chaos across the island. 

However when my alarm went off I got up to this amazing sky.

Since that night the weather has changed,  even though the days have been sunny there has been a noticeable temperature drop.

Our duvets are out, the slippers and dressing gowns have reappeared and the boys are now insisting on long sleeves and trousers for school.

The days are still lovely, if you are in the sun.  Stand in the shade and it feels quite chilly now.

I know most people love this but after a week I'm going off it already at the thought of having to get the heaters out in the next few weeks.   I would much rather be 'too hot' than be a little bit cold!

Saying that I'm quite looking forward going out a bit more without suncream and blazing hot sunshine to worry about.

Winter is on it's way!


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