The one with the random ramblings

It seems that many posts on my blog over the last year or two have had a similar theme but it turns out I'm not the only one thinking the same,   my long standing fellow blogger and friend 'TheBoyandMe' also feels the same.  I've just read her latest post 'I miss my blog' and it struck a cord with me. 

I keep saying I miss my blog, but what I think I mean is I miss the blogging days, the time when it was a joy to write and create posts without much (or often any) thought to what I was writing or why, when there was no thought of how I should 'pimp' the post on pinterest or what time to publish and share for the best results,  when I didn't stop to think about what images to use or how I should edit them,   before I was working and distracted by other online activities and when we only had a few Arabic tv channels to watch. 

I realise the problem is over thinking,   where once I'd sit down and type as I 'spoke' now I try to think about what I'm saying too much. As an example, already in this post I have re-written the first paragraph several times and almost given up with the post already!

I used to write on my little netbook so I could do it anywhere, curled up on the sofa or sat on the balcony.  I used to carry it from room to room stopping and writing anywhere at anytime, often with a baby asleep in my lap.  Now the babies are 7 and 4 and haven't napped for many years, the netbook is on its last legs and only works plugged into to mains,  it also takes ages to boot up and as I have the patience of a 3 year old I tend not to use it.  Instead I now use my main laptop which means I am sat at the dining table so I can use the mouse, the same place I am sat to work so it feels less fun to continue that in the evening.   

I used to document almost everything we did, and often did things just so I could blog about them afterwards, which I felt was a good thing  but as TBAM said it does get tiring after a while and can start to feel forced.  I have a huge folder of photos of things I would like to blog or have already blogged about but it all seems like too much hard work. 

I miss the commenting and the interaction between the blog community,    every now and again I decide to go on a commenting spree but it also feels forced,  like I'm now doing it for the sake of it.  Things have changed,  and the few bloggers I was / am friends with I now interact with outside of blogging on facebook and instagram usually.  Our blogs have changed over the years but of course they have, we started blogging with babies and toddlers and now our 'inspiration'  has gone to school.   You'd think it would make it easier wouldn't you, but for some reason it's the opposite!

I was so determined that this year wouldn't be the year with the least blog posts,   in 2014 and 2015 I wrote 67 and 60 blog posts respectively and so far this year I've written 34.   There is still time but its looking unlikely, even though I've probably got at least 30 posts drifting around in my head!    I am quite impressed though to have just realised that since 2010 I have not missed a single month,  even this year I still managed to get one blog post up in September,  not quite the same as July 2012 which had 29,  but I was very pregnant with one child at nursery then so I spent most of my time sat down in an air conditioned room!

My tagline for this blog was always the 'random ramblings of an expat Brit in Cyprus' - where did I stop being so concerned about them being random?

So now in the interests of not over thinking I am going to hit publish, with no accompanying image and no actual point to this post. (although I should probably just reread it to check it at least makes some sort of sense!) 


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