My Sunday Photo

It's been oh so long since the days of my regular 'Silent Sunday' posts,   in fact I think the last one was over four years ago now.   I don't take anywhere near the amount of photos that I used to but I do have quite a collection hanging around,  I don't even put them on facebook as much as I used too,  I still manage to upload them from my phone though, and keep them in different folders backed up and safe online.

I opened up the old folders and scrolled through until one took my fancy,  going past loads of sunset and sky pictures, beaches and photos of the kids doing various things.   It may seem like a strange choice compared to all of those but this one jumped out at me today.

It was drawn by Leo for me, as he loved that I had taken them to the beach.

It's been a while since we've been to a beach now,  we've hardly been at all this year (again!)  as everyone prefers the pool and it's just so much easier and convenient.  But the summer season is almost over,  just another week or so to go and that means its time for beach trips once more.

No sunbeds all over the place, long empty stretches of sand and sunny days without the intense heat - yes I think it's time to love the beach again!.


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