Interview with a 4 year old {Loukas}

I was really starting to think that I wouldn't be able to get an interview video from Louka for his 4th birthday as every time I've asked him since his birthday he has refused to do it,   but after almost giving up I asked him again yesterday and he said yes!

It's not the best video as he insisted on doing it on his bed (the bottom bunk) so the light is rubbish,   and I also tried to take his 'baby' cup off of him while I filmed but he was having none of that either.   (He does drink from normal cups, he just likes to have milkshake in ones with a lid so he can shake them! Strangely this was not his favourite drink when asked - which it usually is!   Leo always answered with the thing he could see or had most recently done so that answer was a surprise!

I love that corrected me when I said biscuits to 'Biscota' as since going to school he always uses the Greek for them.

I was also expecting his friend Jaxon to get a mention, but it was very sweet that he said Leo and I.

I just watched Leo's 4 year old interview as I was uploading this and was surprised to see he gave the exact same answer to 'What do you want to do when you grow up?'   Leo said he wants to do what I do,  and when I asked him what I do he said 'I don't know!'    

It may have taken a while to get round to it but he was a lot more cooperative than he was in his 3 year old interview,  at least he stayed put and you could actually hear his answers!

I am so pleased I started doing this, I love looking back at the old ones and seeing how the boys and their answers change over the years.


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