A walk to school

When I was at school walking was the only option to get there and back,  it wasn't far and my Mum didn't drive so there was no debate about it.   My boys schools are both local,  one more so than the other but we have always driven so far.  Loukas is in walking distance but it would mean leaving earlier and as we leave at 7;30 anyway its quite precious time!  Also his little legs mean what would probably be a 10 minute walk gets much longer, and I'm also very lazy when it comes to walking anywhere!   Leo's really is close but as I drive Louka he just gets dropped off on the way past.

It had been mentioned about Leo walking on his own at some point this year, to much debate from different people.  As I said, it's really not far (you can see the top of his school from our balcony)  but he does have at least one road to cross, and there is no pavement for some of the way.

Many of his class mates walk without adults, and have been doing so in the first year too and they all walk much further than he would have to, so the other day Leo walked to school.

As it happened he wasn't quite alone but it was a start!

walking to school

It had been a last minute decision,  he had been reluctant to go to school after a minor incident the day before and wanted me to go in and speak to the teacher, I thought it would work out better for him if he at least tried to sort it out himself and suggested it.     There was a bit of a debate which ended up me saying that I could hold his hand, put his socks on and do everything for him or I could say,   get up, get on with it and get out  (the door to school!)

There was a sudden change and he excitedly asked if he could really do that,  and go on his own.  After a moments hesitation I said yes and just ran over the 'rules'  - where to cross, which side of the road to walk on etc.  

All was well until Louka realised what was going on and he was not impressed, practically begging to walk as well.     Oh, it was far too early in the morning for this!

Eventually I decided it was probably a good thing to not be so lazy,  and Louka is always very early for school anyway so being late wasn't an issue.   I also predicted that he would only want to do it once!

So, off Leo goes,  with Louka and I walking a short distance behind.   We were not 'allowed' to talk to Leo and he ran to get a bit ahead of us. It was good to see him taking care crossing the road and walking nicely,  although of course he knew I was watching!

There was a slight tantrum from Louka when we reached Leo's school as I wouldn't let him walk across the playground as a short cut, as that would have meant going into to Leo's school and doing the one thing I'd been trying to avoid!  As it is I only ever drop him at the gate and don't get out of the car so it would have been worse than usual.

It was soon averted by a game of  'Eye Spy' and we continued our walk.

Deryneia Cyprus

At first it was going very well,  with Louka telling me he loved walking and 'this is very fun Mummy' but he gradually started to get slower and the novelty wore off even though we were going downhill!

By the time we got to school he announced that he always wants to go in the car to his school!

Of course I then realised that I had to still walk home.....

Deryneia village
I love this old building, its been like that since we moved here!.

I also remembered that I love our village, and took time to notice what an interesting and picturesque walk it is.

Traditional Cypriot taverna

The old.....

the new......

and the traditional.....

Just as I was thinking it was still a little to early in the year to be walking as I was starting to get a bit too hot and bothered and wishing I'd brought a bottle of water, I was 'rescued' by a fellow school mum on her way home who stopped to ask me what was wrong with my car!

Since then Louka has been happy to be driven,  and Leo has decided that he prefers to walk home rather than walk there.   He's got another couple of years of having the option before Louka joins him at big school and walking will be the norm!

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