The First Day

The new school year starts here!

Starting Cyprus school

It's been a long summer holiday,  13 weeks of lazing around,   swimming, playing, watching tv, broken up with some great days out and a lot of late nights, and a surprising amount of lie ins!

The boys went off happily enough to school this morning,   Leo was equally pleased and not impressed about the end of the holidays,   Louka didn't really seem to have an opinion either way,   I'm sure that will change once he remembers he has to go every day.

It's not as big a change as last year, which saw both boys starting a new school.  This year is just a change of class,  Leo into 2nd class and Louka into Prodimodiki (pre-school)  rather than the nursery class.  So new teachers for them both but the same building so hopefully they won't take as long to adjust.

We were pleased to discover that Louka has the same teacher that Leo had when he was there,  which made it all feel a bit easier too.

I've enjoyed the summer overall,  its not always been easy going with two constantly hungry and bored boys, plus trying to keep up with work but it I wouldn't have changed it.    Now though I am eager to get on with my massive to-do list and move on.

We've had a lot of fun over the holidays,   and I've taken surprisingly few photos compared to previous years but I've got a good selection and I hope to blog about some of our adventures over the next few weeks,  for now though I must get on with the cleaning now I can crank up the music and not have to mop round the kids!


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