The Five Year Meme - Update

I was browsing through some old blog posts this evening in an attempt to find some good 'uns to share over on facebook in the absence of me actually having the chance to write some new stuff, and I came across a post from July 2010 called 'The Five Year Meme'.  In it I answered a few questions about what my life was like and where I wanted to be in five years time so I thought it would be a good time to update it (albeit a year late!)

Us five years ago. 

Where were you five years ago?
Five years ago I had lived in Cyprus for less than a year, I had a 14 month old baby,  and knew very few people in Cyprus. We were living in the same apartment as we are now, but had no plans to have a second baby.  Aaron was working 6 days a week in Limassol for a Kitchen company, with one and a half days of a week, early mornings and late nights.

I was happy but not yet settled, I loved Cyprus but hadn't found my feet and I was desperately looking forward to a 3 week trip to the UK in the August.  I was not working but I was blogging frequently and loving my new hobby.

I had met my best (Cyprus) buddy and we were living in each others pockets, seeing each other every couple of days and slowly with her help I started to put down some roots and feel like it was my home.

Where do you want  to be in five years time?
Five years ago I said I would love to be living in a villa now, although realistically I knew that wasn't going to happen in that time frame. I said that our apartment would be too small as Leo grew up and that was before I realised we would become a family of four!

In five years time I will be Mum to a 12 year old and a 9 year old and my goal is to be in a bigger property within the next five years. 

I also hope Aaron and I continue working well together and achieve our business goals. 

What are five things on your to-do list today?
Only five???
Sweep the floor/ feed my ever hungry children / check emails / out the washing in, out and away! / write this blog post!

What are five snacks you enjoy?

Again,  only five??
OK,  pringles, chocolate,  cereal, cake, and if I'm being healthy (which isn't very often!)   then cucumber sticks and homemade red pepper houmous. 

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Like I said 5 years ago,  I'd be totally confused with that much money and wouldn't even know where to start!   But the same answer still applies,  pay off any debts, help close family and friends etc.

I'd expand our company - I certainly wouldn't give it up as I love it too much but I'd employ staff to help and achieve all the things we would love to do. 

I would renew our wedding vows and have the most amazing party to celebrate - without worrying about a budget and keeping guest numbers down. 

I would get private healthcare and never have to go to the General hospital and wait for hours ever again. 

I would have a huge villa built for us, and pay for all my friends to visit whenever they want to, I'd  go on holidays to show the boys different places, I'd  hire a personal trainer to motivate me into getting fit, but most of all I'd just like to not have to think about money,  how much there is and where it has to be spent,  what 'luxuries' to spend it on and what to go without.    I don't care about designer wardrobes and big flashy cars but I'd love to be able to go to the hairdressers or pop online and just buy clothes, gadgets, toys or anything without thinking about how much they cost!

Us now (we have NO photos of the two of us not taken in our photo booth!) 


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