Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park

Earlier this year I started to see adverts for a new family attraction opening in Limassol - Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park.  I was very interested in what they had to offer and of course just had to go and take the boys for a day out there.

Now,  having lived in Cyprus for almost seven years I wouldn't say that I was overly optimistic about what the place would be like.  I knew straight away that 'Theme Park' does not mean theme park in the way you would expect having heard of Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and such like.  I was certain that by thinking along the lines of 'themed park'  I would be closer to the mark.

Not that I was going to let that put me off, I will happily travel the whole island to visit something that sounds worthwhile and I knew that my boys would love the knights and enjoy the trip regardless.

Castle entrance

We arrived at 11:30am,  the park was quiet apart from a group of children who were left by the time we'd completed the first activity so it was great to have the space almost to ourselves.  The staff were welcoming and took time to explain that our tickets would entitle us to a second visit free of charge and the boys were very happy to be given maps and a sweet.

Archery in Cyprus

The park is fairly small, with various activities dotted around a main arena area.

First up is the Shooting Range - Leo was really happy to try it out and the guide explained carefully how the hold the bow and fire the arrow.

Leo did very well,  getting most of the arrows into the target. Louka was being his usual shy shelf and didn't want to try so Aaron had a go (straight in the bulls eye!)   followed by me.

It's a lot harder than it looks!  After shooting them mainly into the floor I did manage to get one on the board, nowhere near the middle though!

We wandered around the park having a look at the various stands which were not manned at first so it wasn't really clear what they were offering, but the Armoury was a big draw for the boys so we went there first and they enjoyed looking at the armour, trying on a gauntlet and being very surprised at the weight of a gauntlet  and playing with the toy swords.

Full suit of amour

sword fighting

After a while a member of staff came over and asked the boys if they would like to do some Knights training.   I was happy that they both wanted to join in and they loved being shown how to defeat a dragon, improve their balance and dodge enemies around the training course.

obstacle course for knights training

Knights in training

They were then told that as they had passed their basic training it was time to put their skills to the tes and fight a real knight.  Louka surprisingly asked to go first and jumped straight into the arena.   His opponent was good and made it hard enough to challenge him but not too hard that a 3 year old would give up or get hurt. Leo was in next and enjoyed the challenge and of course they both managed to defeat their enemy in the end after which they were presented with certificates to prove they were now brave knights.

sword fighting

The main focus of Cyprus Land is the scale model of the whole island of Cyprus, the largest 3d model in Europe according to their website.

Each of us were given an audio guide to talk us round the huge model,  numbers on the floor at points of interest round Cyprus corresponded to the relevant audio track.  It was a lot of information for the boys to take in but they enjoyed it (it's amazing what a gadget will do,  it was the first time they have ever used headphones and they loved the novelty of it!)

The model is impressive and we spent quite a while looking round it and listening to the very varied and interesting history of Cyprus. The photos below really don't do it justice!

Largest 3d model island

There was more to see,  the Pottery stand, Embroidery, Glass Blowing and Joiners Shop but not all were in use unfortunately.  There is a creative corner where the kids can paint, write with a quill or play with the toy knights and castles.   For the bigger kids a giant chess set is also available.

toy castle

The highlight of the park for the boys was the live show,  which takes place twice a day at 11am and 5pm.  Unfortunately we arrived just after the first show but after doing everything there was to do we decided to leave for a few hours in the Mall and returned to see the second one, (as did the other guests who were there in the morning)

I had been expecting a 'show performance' with lots of clashing swords but the knights didn't hold back,  you can see the start from the video but they got more into it after I stopped filming, throwing each other to the ground and really putting some effort into it!

It was a great family day out, as we combined the park with a trip to the Mall, and dinner on the way home.   I enjoyed the Cyprus Land experience but there is no way you could make it a full day out by itself.  For Cyprus it is a good attraction and there is a lot of potential there but at the moment I do feel it is a bit over priced when you compare it to other attractions here..(€14 for adults,  €8 for 6-12 ages,  free for under 6 years) For us it was money well spent though as the boys loved it, but had they not thrown themselves into the activities, tried everything and spent so long playing chess and sword fighting between themselves I would have felt a bit disappointed for a couple of hours there.

The fact that you can have a second day free entry is good,  but it would not hold the same magic to them if we went again again soon.   I feel they would be better reducing the cost  and getting more people through the door perhaps?

You can see more photos from our day over on my blog facebook page - A Matter Of Choice

This was not a sponsored post or review - we paid full entry price to Cyprus Land's and my opinions are my own. For more info on the park visit their website -

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