My 'Tourist' day at Nissi Beach, Agia Napa

Last month I got to act like a tourist for a week when my friend came to stay with us from England and I finally got round to having a proper trip to Nissi beach in Agia Napa.  I had been once before with Leo as a toddler but it was unsuccessful due to a temper tantrum (him not me!) and we ended up staying only 15 minutes!

It's a gorgeous beach, and recently voted one of the top 5 in Europe, very busy in the summer and packed full of tourists every day.  As I prefer to visit quieter beaches when I take the boys out it's not one that I fancy taking them to, so I thought my visitor gave me the perfect reason to go and explore.

We went on a Wednesday morning, not that the day of the week matters to anyone on holiday, it was heaving with people by mid morning, all ages and families with kids were there but there was a distinct younger crowd  - after all it is known as the party beach of the town and THE place to go.

Nissi beach viewed from the island
We sat and had a drink when we first arrived and I commented that it was like a whole different world - miles away from my usual Wednesday morning of school runs / supermarket trips or work.  You forget that only 10 minutes down the road people are oblivious to these every day activites going on and are happily holidaying in their own little bubble.

It may be busy this time of year but you cannot deny it is a stunning beach, with its white soft sand and clear blue sea.

I was adamant that we had to go onto the island, after all its the where the beach got its name (Nissi means 'island' in Greek)  I've seen pictures that suggest at certain times of the year you can walk over to the island without getting wet but at this time we had to wade over (just over knee deep for me)

Again it was quite busy with people walking up and down the hill, selfie sticks and people posing everywhere you looked but we were rewarded with the view from the top.

We were about to head back to the beach for a spot of sunbathing when we found this little cove in the rocks on the island.

One end of the beach is the 'party end' and the other is quieter without DJ's and loud music, the island is at the lively end and it was nice laying listening to the music (but not as loudly as it would have been on the beach - we are getting old apparently!)

We stayed a couple of hours then we had to go in search of shade, it was a lovely morning and I'm glad we went but I think I'll leave it until winter before returning - then we'll have the beach to ourselves!

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