One Good Reason to be Cheerful!

I used to love joining in with Mich's Reasons to be Cheerful but it's been such a long time that I have - joined in that is, I've been cheerful of course!   When I noticed the other week that it was going back to her blog this week I realised there was no way I couldn't join in...

Tomorrow sees the arrival of my oldest friend,  my playgroup buddy from the age of 3, school friend, college, (no not college that didn't really last very long!) and general drinking / partying / getting into trouble friend!

Almost two years ago she turned up on my doorstep in Cyprus for a surprise visit and it was just brilliant to catch up after all the years and show her my new home - especially as it was her first trip abroad and not only her first solo flight, but her first time on a plane at all!

This year the trip was planned, and like a kid at Christmas I've been counting down since the flights were booked!

I've been searching for some old photos of us, but all I can find is the really early ones, the cute primary school photos and the birthday parties.  The teenage years and early adult years are very few as it was in the years before digital cameras and smart phones.....  thinking about it, this is probably a Very Good Thing.

So while if I stopped to think about it I could come up with more reasons to be cheerful, this week they are all based around one.....

As you can imagine, I'll be quiet on the blog next week.....  plenty of catching up to be done with my girl.  
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