Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Now you are Seven.... {Leonidas}

Dear Leo,

I hope you had a very happy birthday, we had a very busy weekend of celebrations this year!  You all seemed to have great fun at your Star Wars Party and we had a lovely family BBQ afternoon on Sunday - with 'Daddy's Yummy Chicken' and halloumi and pringles at your special request!

Starting First Class
The biggest milestone for you this year was starting big school and going into first class. It took you several weeks to get used to it as it was a big change but you love your teacher Loukia and now have lots of friends at school.  You are very good at your lessons, especially maths and your Greek language is amazing.  I am so proud of how well you speak and understand the language.

Homework is still a challenge for you, although you very good at it when you put your mind to it, you still need quite a lot of encouragement to get on with it!

English lessons are your least favourite thing about school, as naturally you find them far too easy! You were very unimpressed that your first couple of lessons were spent learning how to say 'Good Morning, How are you?'   and learning the names of the colours!

It's been great to be able to spend time with you at your school and see what it's like.  I visited for the Tsiknopempti celebrations and also spent a day with you in your lessons. You were very helpful explaining what was happening and what everyone was saying!

Earlier this year you had to spend a night in hospital after suffering from neck pain, although you were upset to start with you were very good and patient while we stayed there.  We spent many hours playing games and reading stories together.

You still love to play on the Wii whenever you get the chance but it's great that you are now old enough that we can play lots of different games together.  Your favourite for a while now has been Avengers Monopoly, which you brought with your own money, but now you also have the Star Wars version I think that might change.

It's great that you are grown up enough to play games properly and (mostly!) be gracious in defeat, you understand that the fun is in playing the game and winning isn't everything.... although of course it's better when you do!

Good game Daddy!
You can be very grown up these days (although you have plenty of silly moments when you forget to listen) and you are often a great help with Louka now,  understanding that he is not quite as grown up as you and needs a little patience.   I love seeing you be such a protective and caring big brother to him. 

Thank you for being so understanding about the times that Dad and I have to work and for being a good boy for Nana and Grandad.  I know you are looking forward to the day you are big enough to come and work with us.

It's not long now until the summer time,  only a couple of weeks of school left now, and we will have lots of time together, pool times, film nights and game tournaments - I'm really looking forward to it!

I hope you have enjoy being seven years old and that you have a wonderful year!

Lots of love, 
Mum xxxx

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