Blink and you miss it....

So much for my renewed enthusiasm for blogging and my promises to myself that I would set aside time at least once a week to writing here again.  There is so many things I could write about but I just can't get them from my head onto the page, and then when I get the chance I don't even know where to start!

For so many years I've had so much time, I never understood those who didn't have enough time.   Well, to be honest I still kind of don't!   If you want to do something enough I reckon you can always find a way to do it even if it's hard work.   I want to exercise / write a blog post / cook a healthy dinner etc.... but I just don't want to do that more than check facebook or sleep  - it's not that I CAN'T do those things.

So the month of May has flown by in a whirlwind of stuff, all good stuff but it's confused me and I could do with a little lie down now.

All the things that I would have once written about and now the time passes and they will be forgotten.   It makes me sad when I read the early years of this blog now and I relive things that I don't even remember now, the stories and carefully chosen photos to accompany them.  I don't take as many pictures these days, unless you count wearing a silly hat for a photobooth test shot - I've got hundreds of those!

In an ideal world I will be back on and blogging about the things we've got up to in May (and after having a quick flick through the photos on my phone, the things I've not written about Feb, March and April) but I realise it may take a while and by the time I get round to it, it might just be too late to do them justice, but in the mean time

The personal highlight of the month was the visit from my friend Nic who came to stay for a week at the start of the month.  A brilliant week which went so fast and consisted of plenty of wine, breakfasts at the beach, a little bit of dancing and a whole load of chatting.

Family highlight is of course Leo's 7th birthday, which is today  (and as yet I've not written my traditional 'Now you are 7' post,   that one will be coming up soon for sure!)  We've had a full on weekend starting with the Deryneia Strawberry Festival on Friday, Leo's party yesterday and a family birthday today.

Business wise, it has been one of our busiest ever weeks with 3 weddings in the last 5 days and 6 more coming up just in the next week.  It's fantastic that we are this busy and I love every moment but it does explain why I've not been able to even think about blogging!

Added to that we had Cypriot Easter at the start of the month, trips out to the beach, Easter events and even a few days of looking after our friends dog.

I've not got round to sorting out the chaos of my utility room,  editing and sorting my phone photos from the last couple of months and many other things that I can't even remember right now.    But it's all good,  my emails are up to date,  I have no unread messages, only 4 emails in my inbox to sort. The kids are ok and I'm still managing to meet up with friends and still arse around online or watch a bit of tv each day so it could be worse!

Where do you even begin to find photos for such a rambling blog post as this one......   so random picture of the sky it is!


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