Mermaids Bottoms and hidden treasure

Having been bitten by the geocaching bug we have been on several outings in the last month looking for them in the local area. The app that I use gives you a list of those local to you so it's an simple case of scrolling through until one takes your fancy.

I had my eye on one located at the beach by the Crystal Springs hotel in Pernera and thought it would be an ideal time to go searching for it while the hotel was still closed. 

As we got out of the car it started to rain slightly but I was on a mission so I decided we would carry on,  Louka was not impressed as instantly complained he was cold (despite the fact it wasn't). It didn't take long though to realised that my phone was playing up and I really had no idea where to start looking.  I was feeling a bit bad that we were out in the rain (with no waterproof clothes) so we jumped back in the car for a sandwich snack stop. 

The rain suddenly stopped as we drove away so I decided to head to the next on the list at the nearby Sirena Bay.  It sounded like it would be a really easy find - as it was entitled 'Mermaids Bottom' and from our previous visit I thought I knew just where to look. 

However there are quite a few mermaids bottoms to search!  After what we thought was a thorough investigation I was forced to give up when the boys had enough and the lure of skimming stones (or trying to anyway) on the beach became too great to ignore. 

It was a couple of weeks later when we decided to give it another go, and we roped Aaron in to help. Starting again at Crystal Springs, we walked around the bay twice before realising we'd been going in the wrong direction but we eventually narrowed it down to an area on the rocks. 

Getting closer!
The problem with rocks is that they all look the same but soon enough I spotted one that looked out of place, and had a piece of coloured string tied around it.  I picked it up and sure enough it was hiding the geocache!

Encouraged by our success we went back for a second go at the mermaids!  Would you believe that I found it in minutes, in what I am sure was a place I had searched before. 

Hint: It wasn't this one!

Not only did we find the cache but inside we found our first 'geocoin' - a trackable item that gets moved from cache to another with a tracking number on it so you can follow its journey. 

We found out that the coin started in the Netherlands and made its way via several caches to France onto South West England before being placed in the cache in Cyprus. So far it has travelled 3349.4 miles.  We will soon place it in different cache so it can continue its journey. 

Sirena Bay Cyprus


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