Flashback Friday

My Mum recently sent me these photos as she realised that she was the same age in these photos that I am now, and coincidentally Leo is about the same age I was. 

They were taken in Son Bou, Minorca in 1984 on our family holiday. 

My earliest memory of going abroad is probably this holiday,or the one after it as we we went to the same place.  I can remember several things from them although I guess many of the memories are due to the photos I have seen so many times over the years.  

In the picture above I am holding a little toy monkey which was called Pepe for some reason. I don't remember how or where I got him but I know I carried him around the entire holiday. No idea what happened to him afterwards though as I don't remember having him at home. 

It was also the holiday of the 'Whisky Cake' a story which has become a long running joke over the years. Mum had ordered whisky cake in a restaurant after having it a few days previously elsewhere. The first time the waiter had poured a splash of whisky onto the cake as he served it, but the second place didn't stop at a splash and kept pouring looking at Mum - eventually she realised she was supposed to say 'when'.    The cake was swimming in the stuff!

Taking 'selfies' before it was even a word - either that or I was just really short,
can't imagine I'd have framed the picture so well though!
It was also the holiday of the 'hand' also known as the best inflatable in the world and my first go on a waterslide!


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