February Flashbacks

Here's a little glimpse into what we've been up to in February inspired by the photos on my camera roll - aka how to be a lazy blogger!

It seems that we mainly went to the beach, although in reality I realise that I don't tend to take photos of us all vegged out in front of the tv so my folder of photos does not always reflect real life!  None the less, I have actually lost count of the number of times we went out, either for a little walk or to have a run about on the beach (the boys, not me obviously. I don't 'do' running!)

Most of the trips out included geocaching hunts, it gives us a location to head for and a 'reason' to go, although we went all that successful, especially on the first attempts.   We found quite a few over the month though and most importantly had loads of nice afternoons out in the process.

The boys are starting to get better at amusing themselves, making up games with stones, or bits of wood and random objects found on beaches.

We sat on the beach and Leo got his feet wet for the the first time this year, far too cold for Louka though but he enjoyed digging and trying to make castles.

There is one question that is always asked whenever we go anywhere.... 'Is there a playground?'

We weren't expecting one when we had a walk to discover this little beach and they were almost convinced that exploring was as good as playing.

Until we discovered an actual playground of course!

The funny thing is, they were occupied for longer on the beach than in the playground but they never seem to realised this!

Leo and I also spent several afternoons in our local library as I am in the process of helping to improve the English section and arrange a book day event for early April.  He enjoyed visiting and sat happily doing his homework while I arranged books.

February wasn't all fun and games, as it included a double trip to the eye doctors and glasses for Louka. Leo lost two baby teeth on the same eventful Monday morning  and just a week later Leo hurt his neck and we had to spend a night in hospital.

All in all though, the good outweighed the bad. Aaron and I started back at work properly with our first wedding of 2016 and a birthday party, the boys were very excited as they love it when we work and they get to go to Nana and Grandads.

As we go into March we are now in spring cleaning mode as I delcutter the apartment and Aaron starts a complete repaint before the summer season starts and we won't have the time.


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