Cyherbia Fairy Folk Fest 2016

Regular readers of my blog know that we've been to many of the events at Cyherbia Botanical Park and Labyrinth and this weekend they held their 2nd Annual Fairy Folk Fest.

For the last few events we have been working there with our children's Photo Booth and although they were fun days, we didn't get to enjoy them with the boys so I was really looking forward to visiting as a guest - and walking round the maze and gardens for the first time in ages!

The event promised to be a day of adventure and enchantment and it didn't disappoint. Despite the fact that I have 2 boys who would usually think faeries are 'girlie' they loved the day - especially duelling with the knight and planting 'magic beans',well, fighting and digging in the dirt - what's not to love!

In the Herb Gardens our task was to spot all the faeries, and find out their names (they were named after the plant they were hiding by - a great way to get the kids to read the information boards that they would otherwise run straight past!)  Also in the Herbarium were 5 toadstools each with a fairy door, the task was to open the door and discover what was hidden behind,  on the worksheet were pictures to circle what you had found - this was Loukas favourite bit, he loved opening each door and was adorable as he made sure to close them afterwards so carefully.

At the Woodland Fairy's Castle we stopped to listen to her story - Holly the Winter Fairy kept the children captivated with her quest to help her Elf friend Leaf to fly.   She even got some of the kids to help her create a magic potion.

After the storytime we explored the Enchanted Forrest and the magical realms of Faerie. Our sheets explained what to do and the boys loved to follow the map. 

We saw fairy houses and spotted fairies in the trees, fought the valiant Knight and picked a gemstone from the Gemstone Cave, this we took the to Oracles cottage where the Oracle gave her special blessing and exchanged the gemstone for a gift. 

In the tea rooms we stopped for a rest, drank our fairy tea and had the chance to browse in the herb shop and the fairy themed stalls for gifts and keepsakes.

You could tell the thought that had gone into the event and the effort behind it, it was a worthwhile visit!

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