Monday, 29 February 2016

An eventful Monday

Like many Mothers getting everyone ready for school isn't my favourite part of the day, more so on a Monday as they are usually even less enthusiastic. Louka is getting on fine at school now but he still protests each morning and needs wrestling into his clothes and tons of encouragement to get out the house,   Leo is generally happy to go to school, he just needs quite a lot of prompting to get moving!

Two weeks ago we were almost ready to leave, the boys were watching Peppa Pig and I asked Leo to turn off the TV at the end of the episode while I went to the bathroom.

Of course I had assumed that at this stage I could leave the room for a moment without war breaking out, but of course I was wrong!

I returned to both boys crying and shouting at each other, Leo holding his face and Louka screaming 'thats why I hate Leo'

It appeared that Louka had taken offence to Leo turning off the TV like I'd requested so he punched him in the mouth - that would be bad enough but he'd also knocked out one of Leo's teeth!!

Not the best start to a Monday morning!

Leo was sent to the bathroom with Daddy and a glass of water to get rid of the blood, Louka was bundled off to school after a telling off, he was not in the least bit fussed about the tooth, and still complained about Peppa Pig all the way to school.

By the time I came home Leo had calmed down and with assurances that he did not need to stay home, he was soon despatched to school as well.  It was already planned it would be a short day due the fact that both boys had appointments with the Eye Doctor at lunchtime, so at 11:30 we went to collect them.

I was confused to see Leo come out holding a tooth..... another tooth!

I assumed that the second tooth (which had been wobbly for a while, unlike the one he'd lost that morning) had been disturbed by its neighbour, but no, Leo told me that his friend had accidentally knocked it out with his elbow!

Poor Leo also had a cut lip, although he hadn't noticed so I didn't bother pointing it out.   It was too painful for him to eat, and he could only drink through a straw, needless to say he wasn't in the best of moods!

Onto the hospital and after an hours wait we were told that both boys need to wear an eye patch for at least an hour each day, and Louka needs glasses as well as Leo, he may also need surgery at some point in the future.   Although Louka didn't really understand he was not impressed and refused to utter a single word during the eye test.

It was still early afternoon when we left the hospital so in an attempt to cheer us all up we went to Jumbo in Larnaca (a big department store which everyone loves!)

An hour or so later, with a trolley full of new photo booth props and a couple of treats for the boys we left with happier hearts and emptier wallets.

For those of you local to us, you will know that there is only one things to do if you find yourself driving through Dhekelia near dinner time especially after a day like we'd had....

Fish and chips on the beach at sunset.

It was a lovely end to what until that point had been a totally rubbish day.

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