Summer of 2015

Moving onto July in my look back over 2015 I notice that I took very few photos that month, we were out a lot with work but the boys love that, in fact they are unimpressed we are now in the quiet period and keep asking when we are working next so they get to have Nana and Grandad come up to look after them!

I had a blog post in my head for a long time, titled something like 'Summer 2015, powered by Shark and Mcdonald's' as for a while it seemed that we were living on drive through takeaways on the way to Paphos and Limassol and energy drinks.  Apparently the shark drinks didn't give me enough energy to actually write the post as well though!

The highlight of the month was my lovely friend Sam's birthday night out, where we literally danced until dawn!  Starting the night off with a civilised dinner at a chinese restaurant, followed by drinks in Rock Garden (far too loud and shouty for my liking but don't tell anyone!) and then ending up in Car Wash where we partied untill the sun came up.  We drank shots, danced on the bar (and managed not to fall off), got blisters and other dancing / drinking related injuries and left the club to find it was light outside!

I got home as my neighbour was hanging out her washing and crept passed my parents front door holding my shoes before sneaking into bed 15 minutes before Louka got up!  Needless to say Aaron was on parent duties that day!

We look surprisingly good for 6am!
In other, more sensible grown up news, Louka was brilliant in his first school play....


Oh so hot of course, so the pool was in use pretty much every day. We had a few family days out to local hotel pools for a change of scenery and of course the ever popular trips to restaurants with bouncy castles which keep the boys happy for hours!

Loukas turned 3, and we had a small birthday party at home after an hour in the pool downstairs.

We also got to try out the fabulous Swimfin which helped Leo's confidence in the water a lot. I'm looking forward to trying it with Loukas later this year.


All good summers come to an end, and soon enough it was time for the new school year.  The year didn't start that well, with neither of the boys being happy about going to school each day. But thankfully it started to get better towards the end of the year.

The best bit about school in Cyprus though, is the fact that the school day finishes at 1pm leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day, and the boys favourite activity of the month was playing chess..

It was probably the best summer we've had so far,  working but with time off to enjoy family time, no nappies, no buggy and the kids usually sleeping until a sensible time in the mornings.


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