A Super Super Hero Party!

I've always been a party person, and looked forward to partying with my friends - although previously the main ingredients to the event would have been alcohol, and music.  If you spoke to the 20-something me I'd have been amazed that a 7 year old's birthday party would be just as entertaining.

I've been to many of Sam's parties and Tiny Acorns events over the years and they are always brilliant  but this took it to a whole new level - it was a Super Party!

In actual fact, it wasn't a party - it was a Superhero training academy. 

The trainee superheroes took part in many activities,  from jumping through the ring of fire, defeating the baddies and learning to identify the other superheroes and more. 

The games were played in teams so the older kids could assist the little ones and they all worked very well together.  There was a bit of adult assistance when it came to wrapping the baddies but mainly because we wanted to play too!

As well as the lively activities, our little superheroes got to have a rest while they designed their own superhero masks and created their own super hero character, deciding on their special power and coming up with a suitably super name for themselves. 

After all their hard work of course it was time for food - and I've never seen kids so enthusiastic about eating fruit, especially when there are biscuits and cakes on offer as well!

While all this was going on,  Aaron was busy inside working his magic on his photos. As the guests had arrived, each stopped for a photo taken against the green screen.  During the party Aaron got to work editing them and produced some amazing souvenirs for everyone to take home. 

green screen superhero image

All our superheros passed completed their training successfully so as well as the photos, and their goody bags they all took home a certificate to show they were now an official superhero!

Photo credit - Klik Photo CY


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