2015 Flashbacks - Part 3

My last post where I looked back to April ended up a bit longer than I planned as I had forgotten what a month it had been, so part 3 will just look at May and June (so it doesn't mess up the pattern!)


May, of course is Leo's birthday so most of the month was focused on that, and planning for the best party we've had so far!

I even managed to blog about it!
A Magical Birthday Party, Potter Party Preperation and our Harry Potter Potions Class,

Image credit - Klik Photo CY

We had lots of after school playtime in the park.   Leo's school (now Loukas) is opposite a small park so every day it was hard to to get straight in the car at lunchtime, but mostly I was not in any hurry so a bit of a run around and a couple slides made life much easier!

We spent a lot of time at Tiny Acorns which my boys are now sadly too big for (they still run Mummy and Baby group every week).

Making lemonade
One of the many activities the boys took part in was junk modeling and they made minibeasts from boxes and other 'junk'.  Leo made a slug, which I thought was quite brilliant - a brown box with two eyes!   It was named Sluggy and became a favourite toy for a long time, in fact he's still on display next to his bed.

It was brilliant watching Leo play with Sluggy, I can't believe how much enjoyment a simple bit of cardboard brought for so long when he rarely plays with any toys at all these days.

He loved it so much that they boys, with a little help from me, made a birthday party for Sluggy, complete with decorations, party games, food, and homemade cards and presents. It was a very enjoyable morning watching them play like kids should do!


June was one of the busiest months for work and as the temperature rose we started spending most afternoons at the pool so there was little to blog about.

Leo took part in the last school play before leaving his pre-school at the end of the summer term, and Loukas had his first school event when he was involved in the nursery school Olympics along with many schools in the area.  I was surprised and pleased to see him happily joining in despite his reluctance to go to school!

Leo was sad to leave his school when the term ended mid June, but of course he was distracted by the excitement of the summer holidays - I was not looking forward to September!

Louka continued going to school much to his annoyance as his did not close for summer. We did decide though to take him out from July as he would also be starting a new school in September (the one Leo had just left!).   It meant that Leo had several mornings at home without his little brother, something that he could not remember from before he was born. At first he loved it but I was surprised to see that he did actually miss him, and by the time Louka finished for the summer he was pleased to get his playmate back!


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