Chasing shadows and Sunday afternoon fun.

Last Sunday, as Aaron was busy getting his latest tattoo I decided to take the boys out for a while. It was a lovely day as this time of year usually is, sunny and warm but without the intense heat of the summer so I decided to take us all down to the harbour in Agia Napa.

It's been a long time since I took both on my own to the harbour, in fact I only did it once and that day has stayed with me ever since. I had packed up some food and thought it would be nice to take 3 year old Leo and a baby Loukas for a late afternoon walk and a picnic dinner.   In fact it was a complete stressful waste of time with Louka screaming the whole time, Leo moaning and refusing to eat a thing and generally not fun for any of us.    I remember watching the Party Boat sailing out of the harbour packed full with music blaring and I imagined diving into to the water and swimming after it into the sunset!

But, we are several years on, without buggy and everyone can walk and while it was not entirely free of complaints they were only from Louka and one of those was a tired tantrum based on the fact that his shadow kept following him!   Leo had been racing around laughing and chasing his shadow and Louka got upset as he couldn't keep up, he then told me he didn't like his shadow and when I 'wouldn't' get rid of it he laid down on the floor and cried - what passers by must have thought of me I don't know as one child ran around like a crazy person and I couldn't help but laugh at the other who was screaming!

Nevertheless, it was a lovely afternoon, the harbour was peaceful now the summer season has come to an end but most of the bars and shops were still open.  The weather was glorious and I stopped to appreciate just how lucky we are to live here.

We had a lazy picnic of treats from the bakery (which of course there were no complaints about eating!) and a walk around looking at the boats and watching the fishes.

A walk never lasts long before the boys want to find somewhere to play because 'walking is boring' apparently.  So we stopped at the small play area where it didn't take long for Leo to start talking to girl and her little brother, it amused me as he first spoke to her in Greek only to be met with a blank stare ( I could have told him she was English as her and her parents were all wearing shorts and vest tops - very unlikely attire for a Cypriot in November when even I was wearing jeans and a cardie!)   he quickly changed back to English and they were soon playing happily together.

After a while the other children left and Leo came over and said 'ah friends come and go don't they' which I thought was sweet. He's getting used to the idea that many children that he meets in playgrounds or swimming pools don't actually live here and he won't see them again.

After a little walk around the shops on the look out as always for cool hats or funny things to use in the photo booth as props we stopped at Dolfins Luna Park where I let the boys have some tokens to use on the rides.  Even that went surprisingly well as Leo chose the karts which Louka was too small for, especially with a broken arm and he went on a ride without Leo for the first time.

They love the little train here, and so do I as it's great value when you have more than one child on it as it costs the same regardless. I'm sure soon there will be some arguments though as so far its never occured to Louka that he might like to sit in the drivers seat!

We had a game of table hockey and Leo was brilliant, letting Louka score a goal when he started to get upset that he was losing.  Unfortunately for Leo he then accidentally let a few in meaning it was actually quite tense as to who would win!  It the end it was 10 - 9 to Leo, and Louka cried, a lot at losing until Leo (who was on top form that day) distracted him with a statue of Sonic the Hedgehog!

All in all, it was a very successful and enjoyable afternoon. I realised that we'd not been down there for probably 6 months, not since the summer started. I enjoy it a lot more out of season when we get it back almost to ourselves!


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