3 Days of Halloween... Part 2 - The Weekend!

After celebrating Halloween a day early with our party and trick or treating at home on Friday, we spent the weekend at what is probably the best family Halloween event in Cyprus.

Cyherbia has been running Halloween events now for several years, each with a different theme and attracts families from all over the island for the spooky fun and games. 

This year, they had Dr Frankinsect in her laboratory who needed the children to help her find the magic formula hidden in the maze to shrink all the creepy crawlies back to normal size. 

Dr Frankinsect AKA Tiny Acorns Creativity

For the older kids there was a CSI type game in the 'Freaky Forrest' where they could enjoy solving some unfortunate murders.  

There was also apple bobbing, broomstick racing, I-Spy in the Haunted Herb Garden, a lucky dip and face-painting and the Klik Photo Cy 'Kids Kiosk' Photo booth was also there with a spooky makeover offering keepsake photos of the day. 

Childrens photo booth Cyprus

As we were working with the photo booth, Mum and Dad took the boys on the Saturday, and Leo got to do it all over again on the Sunday with his friend.

Of course, they made a beeline for us and the booth, and enjoyed having a go as they don't usually get to see it in action even though they hear about it all the time. As we got busy though they were ushered off to the maze where they insisted on going round twice!

Being a big fan of experiments they made sure they were in time for one of Dr Frankinsect's demonstrations and also had a go at feeling some of the yucky things in the Lab.

I sneaked out of the photo booth to see one of the shows and it was really well done.  'Dr Frankinsect' was great with the kids and explained the story and what needed to be done to shrink the insects really well.  With her 'lab assistant' helping her and translating into Greek, everyone got the chance to understand what was happening. 

Back at the photo booth, we were having a great day,  I loved meeting loads of new people and seeing some of the fantastic costumes so many were wearing, it was great to see so many people had made the effort, not just children but adults as well. 

Of course, we had a selection of props for those who were not in costumes, or maybe wished to add to what they already had!  

We also had fun with the test prints too!

You can see all the photos from the weekend -on the Klik Photo CY facebook page.

It was a great weekend, for all involved,  and nice to be part of the team for the weekend!

For more info on Cyherbia Maze and Herb Gardens see their website - www.cyherbia.com  and you can also find  Cyherbia on facebook

Dr Frankinsect AKA  Sam from Tiny Acorns  - check our their facebook page for loads of childrens craft ideas and as well as their party services available in the Famagusta / Larnaca region.

and for more info on photo booth hire for events across Cyprus you can find all you need to know from Klik Photo CY


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