Three websites and a family - who needs tv!

When I started this blog I had the vague idea that it would be a kind of diary of my move to Cyprus, capturing my first thoughts and experiences of a new beginning and life in a new country. That didn't really happen due to being here for over 3 months before we managed to get out internet connected. When we finally got online it seemed silly to backtrack as I felt there was far too much to catch up on and I felt the moment had passed.

I blundered on regardless, not really knowing why but just because I fancied doing it. We had no decent TV, having only Arabic satellite which had few English channels and nothing I ever fancied watching, Leo slept well (early evening at least) and Aaron was often out playing pool.

I rarely wrote about Cyprus as I didn't get out much to anywhere that was interesting enough and I didn't write about settling in as I had once planned to, it was not as perfect as people often imagine and although I was ok I didn't want my friends knowing I wasn't 100% and thinking that I'd made the wrong decision in moving here.

The focus of the blog naturally fell to baby Leo and I wrote about him and the things we did, I started to read a few other blogs and join in with the odd link up from them for inspiration and gradually 'met' a few other Mums, some of which I actually class as good friends now! Surprisingly, or perhaps not given that they are active on social media, I have more contact with them now than most of my 'real life' UK friends!

When I fell pregnant with Louka my thoughts turned to the prospect of giving birth in a new country and so my focus shifted as I tried to find out information about it .  I enjoyed seeking out the info and eventually made it into a series of posts - Birth in Cyprus

In the early days as a family of four I did surprisingly well at keeping up to date on the blog, but as the naps got fewer and the sleepless nights took their toll (and there were A LOT of those) the blog eventually began to suffer.

In 2014 I launched the Famagusta Parents Network and in the process nearly abandoned 'A Matter of Choice' completely.  It was like the new baby that needed the attention, while the toddler could stand on its own two feet a little more.  I was determined not to give it up though and I limped through the year with even less posts than in 2013.

So far, in 2015 I've struggled to write here, I've even neglected the FPN a little too,  of course we are now working and have a third website to run. (an even more important one as it's the first one that actually earns us a living!)  Our photo booth business is one of the best jobs I could have hoped for and as well as the actual evenings with the Booth,  I thoroughly enjoy all the admin and web based work that goes with it too.

Like any family with a new addition, it takes time to adjust and work out how it all slots together, 2 kids, 3 websites and I'm still getting there,   it's a good job I'm not having any more children!

I am aware that writing about the boys is getting a little harder and therefore the focus of this blog will probably start to change again eventually. Now that Leo can read, and will often ask me what I am writing about I'm sure he will start to have more of an opinion when it concerns him!

September is a good month, possibly my favourite month here in Cyprus. It's back to school after the seemingly never ending holidays, new beginnings, a drop in temperature (hopefully!) and a chance to reboot.

A time for a new notebook, new lists and time to balance it all,   wish me luck!


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