Saturday, 5 September 2015

Sirena Bay, a perfect place in the right circumstances!

I can't remember when I first heard of Sirena Bay, a beach often referred to as an unspoiled paradise, and loved by several people I know, but I have been talking about going there for at least 4 years now!

Here's what the Daxi Holiday Guide to Cyprus says about it....
A place of natural beauty with a calm, tranquil almost spiritual atmosphere, where you can swim, sunbathe or sit in the beautiful surroundings overlooking the Mediterranean whilst drinking your favourite cocktail or frappe.

Yeah,  so I was probably right when I thought maybe not somewhere I would enjoy with the boys!

I had kind of been before, twice in fact, once very briefly out of season when the beach bar was closed, and once with my friend and two unhappy toddlers plus buggies that would have been too hard to maneuver through the bar - we didn't even bother getting out the car!

We've almost made it many times but for various reasons never actually got round to it.  I nearly went on a rare child free day with a friend who was over for a few days but at the last minute decided to go to Konnos as I knew it was nice and wanted to share it with her!

But last week we did it, boys as well and it was a lovely, although not perfect afternoon.  We arrived and went straight through the bar onto the small but gorgeously picturesque beach.  I was right in thinking I needed to have both kids walking properly before I took them as to get onto the beach you need to go down rocky steps, of course this adds to the charm but carrying bags, towels and supporting small people covered in sand is never fun!

View from the Sirena Bay beach bar.
Being August the beach was busy but not unpleasantly so,  it was mainly Cypriots so didn't feel touristy and it was still quiet, maybe something to do with the drink of choice being frappes rather than beers!

The boys were not impressed though, which I had seen coming due to the fact that the beach is quite stony. They couldn't really go in the water as it was too uncomfortable on their feet, and even I struggled getting into the water due to the large rocks I had to walk over. I would have loved to have explored a little along the beach and swam further out to sea but they would not have been impressed about that.

We spent an enjoyable enough time on the beach though, Leo collecting 'interesting' stones, and Louka wandering around happily doing whatever it is he does.

I think we got about an hour out of them until they could resist the promised ice cream I'd mentioned in exchange for having to go to 'my' beach (it's a hard life isn't it!)  and we packed up our things and went back up to the bar.

Image credit JE9 Design
The boys were happy when we sat them down with ice cream, which apparently was the BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD EVER, which made me smile as it was the same brand you see virtually everywhere here.

I had a beer (Aaron was driving, I was celebrating finally getting to Sirena Bay) and enjoyed the scenery...

Leo and Louka finished their ice creams and amused themselves for a while wandering around and watching the cats but soon enough they were asking to go home.

I'm thinking that maybe I need to return one morning once the boys are back at school, you know just for further research purposes.....

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