Loukas turns three, and the party where he's a 'big boy'

Ever since Leo's birthday back in May there has not been a week go past without Louka asking if it was his birthday yet. The question, said in an ever hopeful voice 'Now my birthday??'  was heard again and again, especially as other birthdays came and went in that time. 

He was full of excitement the day I turned the calendar from July to August, 
'NOW its my birthday???'   
'Almost Louka mou, but its at the end of the month' was the frequent reply. 

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I love to plan parties. It's been said that I go a little over the top but I do what I enjoy and that generally just happens. It turns out that the weather and time of year may have a bearing however on my level of party excitement, as I really struggled to get into it this time round. 

I think the problem was the lack of a theme that captured me and the following enthusiasm that usually follows.  Leo's first proper themed party was an obvious choice being that he was 100% into Thomas the Tank Engine,  Spiderman and Lego and Harry Potter parties followed on in the next few years without much decision on my part. 

At first I was mildly concerned,  was there a bit of second child syndrome going on?  but after the event I realised that just like on each of Leo's birthdays, I created the 'best party ever' for the birthday boy at that time. 

The pose and the smile says it all, He's a big boy now and 'he's bigger cos he's three' 

He woke in the morning to Leo calling him to look in the front room, I heard Louka gasp as he saw his cards and presents laid out and he realised that it really was his very own birthday finally. 

Aaron and I got up and I put the standard ipod playlist on with the birthday songs as we made tea and sat down to watch the grand opening.  Leo was a little over enthusiastic about helping and had to be reined in a few times as he tried to 'help' a little too much. 

Leo was a little sad, telling me quietly that he felt left out as it was all about Louka .He told me that he didn't realise that Louka would get such good presents, he thought they would be baby toys.  I was impressed at how he dealt with it and we had a little chat in his bedroom about how it was Loukas special day. I decided to let him use my camera (a small digital camera that I rarely use as I'm always using my phone) to take some special pictures of the day,  but only he was allowed to use it as he is 6, that did the trick and he happily snapped away. 

Nana and Grandad arrived with more presents,  and the boys played well together as we waited for party time. 

Due to the heat, and the success of last year's birthday, I decided once again to make the main focus of the party playtime in the pool. A cool box filled with water. beers and cokes meant everyone was happy!

Back up to ours after the pool for party food, music, pass the parcel and of course plenty of cake!


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