Our #SwimFin Summer so far...

Living in Cyprus, and spending as much time in the water as we do it was obviously very important for us to get our boys swimming as early as possible.

When Leo was small I went through many different options and swimming aids - armbands, flotation vests, swim rings, you name it we tried it! Well, nearly all of it!

Leo hated every single one and refused to wear any so I spent the entire time holding him in the water and being envious of the other Mums who weren't quite so nervous about their little ones happily wearing armbands and being too close to the edge.

Although it was not fun at the time it did have the ultimate advantage of getting him swimming unaided quicker than many of his arm band wearing friends.  Wanting to get out of my arms was a great motivator!

Despite this I was dreading the same happening with Louka, at least until he understood not to walk too close to the edge but he loved his armbands and would happily wear them even when playing at the side of the pool.  It did make my life a little easier but I was aware that it might hold him back, I think that they are restricting as they don't hold the child at the right angle for swimming properly, and they give a false sense of security.

So, when we were offered the opportunity to try out a Swim Fin, I jumped at the chance!

Here's what they say about this unique swimming aid.....

SwimFin is multi-stroke functional. It leaves the arms completely free to move and so can be used to learn front-crawl, back-stroke, breast-stroke and butterfly. SwimFin works for all ages and abilities: from toddlers taking to the water for the first time, all the way through improved learners to advanced swimmers who want to develop stroke technique.

But as well as the benefits and assistance it give in learning to swim, it also makes the child into a shark!!!

We took our fin to a local hotel pool to try and caused quite a stir...

swimfin on 6 year old

Leo loved all the comments and spent the afternoon in character, even creating a story around his new persona of 'Sharky' 

Louka was reluctant to try the SwimFin at first but Leo was more than happy to demonstrate, in fact even several weeks later its still hard for poor Louka to get a look in on it!

I wouldn't have considered getting a SwimFin for Leo, who is 6 and can swim very well unaided but I was surprised that it has still been a benefit to him. I have tried to get him to float or swim on his back many times but he has always refused to try, not even letting me hold him on his back before.

I was therefore surprised to see him suddenly start swimming on his back without any prompting, not only that but he has continued to do it since without wearing the fin!

Leo spends most of his time in the pool swimming under water and one of the huge advantages of the SwimFin over other swimming aids is that he can still do that as at that angle the fin is almost completely out of the water.

With Louka the SwimFin is more submerged and therefore supports him more in the water,  however you know the old saying......You can lead a two year old to water but you can't make him wear a SwimFin...

Louka has not wanted to even try the fin for more than a few seconds so far with complete disregard to the fact I am trying to write about his experience of using it! Over the last week though he has suddenly started swimming around rather than just floating about so I think it may be time to give it another try.

I will keep you updated on how we get on....

You can find our more about SwimFin on their website  Swimfin.co.uk   
Pop over to their social media accounts for swimming tips, and more, you can find them facebook, twitter, Instagram,  and even Youtube. 

We have been provided with a SwimFin for the purpose of review. 


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