Now you are three {Loukas}

Dear Loukas,

Happy birthday!!
Yes, today is your birthday, finally after such a long long wait for you. I think you have asked us everyday since Leo's birthday back in May and got more frustrated as Nana's, Grandads and Daddy's birthdays came and went,    now it's your turn though and I hope you enjoy it!

This year you started school, and although you didn't always want to go it has helped you and your confidence so much, not to mention teaching you your first bits of Greek.  You took part in your school Olympics and did so well, running with your friends and joining in with all the activities while we cheered you on from the side,  Leo was particularly proud of his little brother.

You ended your short time at nursery by taking part in the school play where you played a little Chinese boy.  We had no idea how it would go as you always seemed so shy at school and I didn't know if you would take part or refuse to join in.  You were of course brilliant, looking a little unsure at first but eventually spotting us in the audience and giving us one of your lovely little smiles.

I am pleased that you are FINALLY sleeping at night time now,  almost 3 years of night time battles have not been fun little man but we seem to have pretty much cracked it.  You can deal with late nights much better than Leo could at your age, and are good at going to sleep without a fuss when we are out, once you have thoroughly tired yourself out of course!

You love 'playing on the tele' either on the Wii or the playstation and are now really good at so many of the games. You also love watching Leo play on his tablet and over the moon when he occasionally lets you touch it!

Not so long ago doing jigsaw puzzles was your favourite thing, and I couldn't even tell you how many times a day we used to do the Winnie the Pooh puzzles, but now you have gone off that and prefer to play chess with Leo and I.  It won't be long until you can play all by yourself, but you don't quite get that you can't only move the 'horsey',  it's very funny to hear you tell Leo that you are going to 'take all his pieces and check him' though.

It's not long until you start your next school now and I hope you are as happy there as Leo was, I know you are very excited about playing with the toys that you have seen so many times when we picked your brother up. I'm sure you will make lots of new friends very soon, and maybe you will meet up with 'Yiannis, Angelos and Georgios' very soon.

Of course, out of school your best friend is Jaxon, or Jacsac as you call him, you are are the terrible twosome although you generally play better than you did just a couple of months ago when all you could hear was the chorus of  'mine, mine mine' as you fought over the same toys.

Photo by KlikPhotoCY
I wish you a very happy 3rd birthday Louka mou.  and lots of big squeezy hugs and kisses,  now you CAN do kisses!

Love Mummy xxx


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