Saturday, 6 June 2015

The beach boys

As we approach the start of the summer holidays in less than 2 weeks and the start of nearly 3 months off school, it's time to start thinking once again of summer plans.   They need, as ever to be mainly low cost or preferably free so when it comes to leaving the house it pretty much means one thing - water!

This year I've decided it's all about the beaches,  we have been in Cyprus coming up 6 years now and have spent a shockingly small amount of time going to the beach.   For me babies and beaches do not go well together - buggies and sand are a back breaking slow going process, and trying to clean up sandy babies that are trying to eat the sand is just not my idea of fun. Add that to the stupid amount of stuff you seem to end up carrying and it's more of an ordeal than a fun afternoon out!

Previously we have stuck to swimming pools, we are lucky in that we have a communal pool at home but we often go out to others, as the boys have always had more fun when there is a baby pool to play in too. I always found it easier without the sand and being closer to toilets etc!

Leo and I have already been down to our pool several times but Louka was not impressed, we call him our Cypriot baby as he is always the first to be cold and the last wearing a coat as the temperature increases.  I was worried I'd put him off swimming completely when he jumped in the other day into my arms and almost shot straight out again crying 'noooo, too cold Mummy'

So, beach was the way forward, a chance for Leo to swim and Louka to play on the sand, and with a little of luck 5 minutes peace for me sat on the sand!

boys on the beach

Louka was not impressed at the water and ran away after just getting the tips of his toes wet. I thought I might have put him off from our winter beach trips when I'd wanted him not to get wet but despite watching and laughing at Leo who was rolling about in the water having a great time Louka wouldn't move any further away than the end of my towel.

Eventually, with plenty of encouragement and warnings to Leo not to splash him Louka tentatively waded ankle deep.   The water at the Golden Coast beach is lovely, smooth sand, shallow waters and no waves so the perfect play place for little ones finding their confidence in the water.

perfect sandy beach

It didn't take too long for Louka to realise it was ok and he was fascinated by the water and digging up the sand to make it go cloudy.  Soon he was sitting down and rolling around just like his big brother. 

It's at times like this that having two kids seems like it was actually a good idea, as they play together well (when we are out!) and help to keep each other entertained. It was quite amusing watching them build volcanoes (not sure what was wrong with castles but they only wanted volcanoes!)  and making up experiments with water and sand.

They were brilliant and it was a stress free afternoon, the fact that they both walked off the beach, all the way to the car and carried things for me, got their shorts and shoes back on without a fuss and accepted the fact that I wasn't going to buy an ice cream made it an outstanding achievement!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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